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Com2us enters the worlds new baseball game OOTP High 23

[OOTP High Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-Joon Song, Joo Hwan Lee) is a subsidiary ‘Out of the Park Developments (OOTP) Go 23’ It announced on the 8th that it has been launched in the global market.

OOTP Baseball is a PC online baseball management game for the 23rd season of the series this year. It features a real game that seems to run a real club.

The newly introduced OOTP High 23 is a mobile version of OOTP baseball. In addition to team management functions that oversees strategic tactics and club finances, we have added convenience to mobile so that we can check the world’s baseball data more easily.

In addition, you can experience the popular content ‘Franchise Mode’ by providing three free rosters of all MLB leagues. The user can play the game by selecting the season that suits his taste through the play experience of the content.

Competition content ‘Perfect Team’ has also been newly implemented. The new Perfect Team 23 allows users to collect their MLB player cards to build their own best lineups and compete with tens of thousands of users around the world.

The players have been newly implemented through 3D animation and upgraded the graphic engine to create a more real simulation.

Com2us Global Content Literature Award 2022

[Jae-jun Song Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) has started receiving the work of ‘Com2us Global Content Literature 2022’.

Com2us Global Content Literature Award celebrated its 5th anniversary this year.

The company will recruit two categories related to ‘Source Story’ and ‘Word Play’ by the theme of the contest, ‘Meeting with the New World’ until September 14th. This year, we have established a special ‘Word Play’ special section that can participate with simple copylight phrases.

In the original story category, 30 characters using the story creations with narrative structures of the ride without limitation of genres and materials, and the keyword of ‘methus’, ‘universe’, and ‘2032’ (10 years later) in the Word Play category. Receive witty copy phrases within.

Any creative talent who wants to participate in this contest can apply for two categories, and submit within the deadline according to the formed form for each sector.

Com2us will expand the winners of the competition from 7 to 10 in accordance with the addition of the Word Play Division and award a total of 40 million won. One person award is selected for the original story, and 20 million won is awarded, and the best prize is 1 person and four excellent prizes will be paid 5 million won and 2.5 million won, respectively. The Word Play Division plans to select one of the best awards, excellence and encouragement awards, and award 2 million won, 1 million won, and 500,000 won, respectively.


In addition, we will actively review the second creation of the winners for the winners of the original story, and provide growth opportunities to grow as an excellent IP.

Playing, Slot Mate 4 Asian services starting

[CEO Sung-bum Moon Young-soo] Playings (CEO Sung-bum) announced on the 5th that it will be serviced in four Asian countries such as Japan by channeling the social casino game ‘Slotmate’ app.

Slotmate is a social casino game that has recorded the top 5 casino genre sales since its launch in HTML5-based Facebook Instant Games.

In March, the company launched the App Version in North America, Europe and some Asian countries, and this service was specialized in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. The company explained that it is expected to respond with various social devices optimized for the line that has become a popular messenger in four countries, and 100 kinds of casual slots.

The Playings, which provides games and social networking for more than 800,000 users a day in the global market, will expand the market and genre to various new games based on HTML5 and app.

Playings is a mid-sized game developer with sales of 37.5 billion won in 2021, focusing on HTML5-based games, which are growing in overseas markets. Playings plans to introduce new works, which are developing the first social casino genre game and popular blockchain social casino game in the WeMix platform, to the global market this year.

Nexon Computer Museum, Maple Story large character balloon exhibition

[Computer Museum Moon Young-soo] Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) announced on the 5th that the Nexon Computer Museum (Director Choi Yun-a) will hold the ‘Maple Story N Museum’ Art Balloon for the summer vacation season.

The exhibition, which will be held until August 31st, will be installed throughout the museum, including ‘Pink Bean’, ‘Yeti’, and ‘Stone Spirit’, which are representative mascots of Maple Story. In addition, the Nexon Computer Museum’s lawns and entrances have been prepared to allow visitors to leave memories.

A gift presentation event will also be held. If you take a maple story balloon and upload it to Instagram with hashtags or complete the daily quest provided by the museum, you will receive Maple Story Summer Goods.

Choi Yun-ah, Director of Nexon Computer Museum, said, We have prepared a unique exhibition outdoors in the museum in the summer of Jeju.

Meanwhile, the Nexon Computer Museum operates as a preliminary reservation system to create a pleasant viewing environment.

Craepon reveals Battleground Mobile Virtual Influencer Winni

[CEO Kim Moon Young-soo reporter] Craepon (CEO Kim Chang-han) unveiled the Virtual influencer ‘Winni’ of ‘Battleground Mobile’ on the 5th.

Winnie is a 21-year-old engineering student who loves games, animations, dances and sports. He is interested in various fields and likes to communicate with people. Winnie, the name, was derived from the English word ‘WIN’, which means victory, and it contains the meaning of ‘friend of peace’.

Winnie opened his Instagram and Tic Talk account on the 3rd of last month, communicated with fans through contents such as daily photos and dance cover videos, and exceeded 10,000 followers in more than 20 days.

Winnie will actively communicate with MZ generation, including Battleground mobile fans, through various on-line activities. In addition, the company plans to collaborate with various fields such as sports, fashion, and entertainment beyond the game.

Craft Tone will hold the Instagram Follow Certification Event until 11th to commemorate the release of Winnie. You can follow Winnie’s Instagram page and upload a certification post to the Battleground Mobile official cafe. Craepon will present various prizes such as M2 MacBook Air and AirPod Pro through the lottery, and will provide all participants with a Battleground mobile ‘special box exchange ticket’.

Oh Se-hyung, head of the Battleground Mobile Marketing Team, said, Winnie is a virtual influencer who will grow and grow with MZ generation fans as well as Battleground mobile users.

Winnie, meanwhile, collaborated with Craepon and Virtual Influencer Neo Entertainment X. The two companies plan to make Winni communicate with fans through various activities and to be greatly loved.

Netmarble F & C subsidiary Meta Bus World joins the Meta Bus Standard Forum

[Standard Forum Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) is a global council for ‘Metaverse Standards Forum’ for Netmarble F & C’s subsidiary ‘Meta Bus World’ to promote the development of methus technology. He announced on the 4th that he joined.

The MetaBus Standard Forum, which was launched in June this year, is a council that creates methubus-related terms and technical standards that can be interacted to establish an open metabus. The company, developers, and general users are aiming to enjoy technical benefits by enacting common standards that encompass the overall metabus industry.

The founding members included more than 30 global companies, including Meta, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Unity, and Adobe, and the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), which led the Internet standardization.

Methabus World operates a web 3 entertainment platform ‘Cube’, which encompasses the game, digital human, entertainment, content (webtoons and web novels), commerce and electronic wallets based on blockchain technology. It aims to form a metanomics ecosystem by trading or purchasing NFT using a virtual asset ‘cube’ based on the Binance Smartchain (BSC) platform.

Kim Joo-han, head of the Meta Bus World Business Development Division, said, The joining of the Metavus Standard Forum is a good opportunity to share vision with global companies and lead methus technical innovation on the integration of the methus ecosystem.

Wemade, Valov Icarus M WeMix Platform Onboarding

[Moon Young-soo Moon Young-soo] ‘Icarus M’ is on board on the WeMix platform.

Wemade (CEO Jang Hyun-guk) announced on the 1st that it has signed a contract with Balov (CEO Jae-myung Shin). This time, Icarus M is a mobile MMORPG, which is the core of large-scale battles and various kinds of fellow system. You can play in both iOS and AOS environments.

Valov is a game company that develops and publishes PC online games and mobile games. It serves more than 20 games in the global market through its own platform (VFUN).

Icarus M is a global mobile game that has been loved from all over the world, said Shin Jae-myung, CEO. We will provide a high level of games and become a high-quality mobile P & E game.

Wemade, CEO of Wemade, said, Wemade is based on utility coin WeMix and 100% complete collateral stable coin-mixed dollars, and launches the mainnet WeMix 3.0, game, NFT, and Defi (Defi) combined with DAO We will expand to the platform, he said. We will support Icarus M to succeed in the global blockchain game market.

Com2us, Summers War: Chronicle content introduction video released

[game ahead Moon Young-soo] Com2uS (CEO Jae-jun Song, Lee Joo-hwan) released a video of the developer containing the content production process in the game ahead of the domestic launch of ‘Summers War: Chronicle (Chronicle)’.

This video is the second developer story following Chronicle’s story and worldview introduction, and the representative of the planning, program, art, and sounds appeared in the form of an interview with Chronicle’s unique game contents that are differentiated from existing MMORPGs.

Chronicle is a title that inherits the IP of Summers War: The Arena (Summers War), which has surpassed 140 million downloads worldwide. It is a hybrid MMORPG with a collective system that collects more than 350 servants and a combination of strategic.

Park Ji-hoon, the head of the planning team, said, We reinstalled the summers War’s summoner skill effect in the real-time MMORPG.

Lee Eun-jae, head of the game production division, said, The development team cited a combination of one summoner and three summons as the main challenge of Chronicle. The story behind the scenes.

In addition, in this video, the user uses the head as if the puzzle is a puzzle, and the gimmick dungeon that attacks the dungeon, the boss’s characteristics of the boss, the raid to find a way to attack, and the main resources, and the field PK can be played with field PK. The main contents were first released.

Level Infinite, D-1 Cheonae Myeongwoldo M dictionary download

[Cheonae Cheil Moon Young-soo] Level Infinite started the pre-download of the mobile game ‘Cheonae Myung-do M’ on the 23rd.

This dictionary download will be held on Google Play and Apple App Store and will be held for smooth gameplay for users on the official service day.

Cheon Ae Myeongwoldo M is scheduled to be released on the 24th as a large-scale multi-member role-playing game (MMORPG) that inherits the worldview of Ko Ryong’s original martial arts novel ‘Cheonae Myeongwoldo’.

Tests (CBT) conducted in March were well-received, including high-freedom content, a sense of mourning, and a cool blow of PC games. In particular, high quality graphics, living contents, and delicate customization elements raised expectations for the official launch.

In addition, the pre-registration, which was held in November last year, has achieved 1.5 million people as of the 22nd, and will be expected to be a cumulative event reward.

Meanwhile, on the 23rd, former professional gamers such as Honorary Medal, Ta Hyo-ni, Runner, Baddon, Flame, and Mad Life will be held. Cheonae Cheil Best Association can be viewed from 7:00 pm on the day through the personal channel of Cheonae Myeongwol M official YouTube channel or each influencer.

Level Infinite presents 200 attribute cache coupons that can be used after launch to users who watch Cheonae Cheil Best Association, and offers a mamstuchs gifticon through a lottery.

[Exclusive] Park Bo -kyun, Minister of Education, meets the game industry at least late July

[Park Moon Young-soo reporter] Park Bo-kyun, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, is expected to hold a meeting with the game industry in early July. He is expected to listen to major issues in the industry, including a 52-hour work system, Panho and P2E game.


According to the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism on the 21st, Minister Park Bo-kyun is being tuned to meet with the game industry. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism said, The specific schedule has not been confirmed yet, but at the beginning of July, Park Bo-kyun will meet with the game industry.

If Minister Park Bo-kyun meets with the game industry in the future, it is expected that various issues will be dealt with, including a 52-hour workweek and P2E game’s entry into Korea.

The first vice minister of the Ministry of Education, Jeon Byung-kuk, held a game industry meeting in the conference room of the Global Game Hub Center in Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th, and opinions on major game companies such as Nexon, NCsoft, and Smilegate as well as 52-hour system. I also listened.

In the case of P2E games, it has emerged as a global trend as well as in Korea, but in Korea, the Game Water Management Committee has not been classified as a law on the game industry promotion. Domestic companies that enter the global P2E game market are talking to the government to allow P2E games to allow P2E games in the domestic market.

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