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Elden Ring: Players discovered special ability thanks to inventory

In Elden Ring you have to fight through the Zwischenland and lead many challenging fights. If you need a little time for a while, you can activate a very useful special ability with a small inventory trick.

Soulslike games like Elden Ring are known for their gloomy atmosphere, imaginative monsters and of course the high degree of difficulty. The challenges also count the absence of a pause function – but fans have now found a way in Elden Ring to pause the game alone by calling a menu.

Elden Ring: Auxiliary menu in inventory paused game

In the Open World of Elden Ring players with a small trick is an unusual feature available: a way to pause the game. Twitter-User Iron Pineapple shows in a short video, How to treat yourself a well-deserved break in Elden Ring :

In the video it can be seen that your Elden Ring can actually pause when you call your inventory in the game, then changes to the auxiliary menu and select menu statement . The trick is obviously also works if you are surrounded by an opponent Horde – by the menu your opponents simply freeze. Thus, you can rethink your tactics in peace or turn to tasks in the real world without losing essential progress.

SoulSlike hit with unexpected function

The fromSoftware games are usually known to offer No pause function . Those who want to beat Dark Souls and Co. must therefore give up the practical feature. Accordingly, surprisingly, the discovery of the break trick is in elden ring.

So I Tried Elden Ring

For this reason, players should not rely too much on the function: they may be a mistake and ** will be removed from the game in future updates. If this should happen, you can still help you with a corresponding mod. (Source: Nexusmods)

The community has already created several interesting mods for Elden Ring – and, for example, brings in this way, an improved frame rate or Thomas the locomotive into the game.

Look at the Open World Trailer to Elden Ring in the video:

Elden Ring: PC settings for better performance

Elden Ring is currently on everyone’s lips. From Softwares Newest Soulslike this time offers Open World in which there are no prescribed ways and much to discover. Unfortunately, complaints about performance problems are piling on the PC. Therefore, you will learn from us:

  • What problems arise
  • What the previous patches have brought
  • How to improve your performance

You do not prepare the performance, but the game problems? Here are our recommendations, which you should definitely do first .

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Elden Ring: PC players are annoying about these problems

Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 2042 and Elden Ring have all one thing in common: no matter how well your hardware is equipped, you could still have problems with performance. ** There is not your PC the problem, but just the game itself.

So broken lines in the source code ensure that your graphics card has problems presenting the game. The result is then a low frame rate and a less more fluid experience. These problems recognize the developers and are then solved with various patches. Whether and when such a patch appears, the studio usually only vague is indicated.

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Lags and low frame rate: What now?

???? ELDEN RING: Dramatically increase performance / FPS with any setup! *BEST SETTINGS* for ANY PC ✅
If the previous patches have not brought any improvements for Elden Ring, you can still work manually at the settings. Before you do that, check Whether your graphics card drivers are up-to-date. This is especially important when releasing new titles, as NVIDIA, AMD and Co. adjust their hardware to the uses of the games used and customize. So before you screw in the settings, the timeliness checks your driver.

In addition, you can also find your graphics card the best setting. NVIDIA offers the GeForce Experience, AMD names his tool just Radeon Software. Both make the same. They keep your drivers up to date and can optimize your games on request.

The tool analyzes your hardware and offer you the best graphic setting for the liquid gaming experience. At the push of a button you accept these and the software represents everything.

These settings bring you more frames

If nothing has helped so far, you can now go to the settings of Elden Ring and there certain aspects of the graphics low. So that you are not tried indiscriminately, we list you which effects require extra performance.

But before you start, check the requirements again, which makes the game on your hardware. If your device creates the minimum requirements, you have little scope for settings. On the other hand, you have everything for the recommended PC configuration, you can experience the Open World Experience in a particularly beautiful splendor.

PC minimum requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-8400 or AMD Ryzen 3 3300x
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB or AMD Radeon RX 580 4 GB
  • Memory: 12 GB RAM
  • Storage space: 60 GB
  • DirectX: 12

Recommended hardware:

  • Operating system: Windows 10 or 11
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-8700K or AMD Ryzen 5 3600x
  • Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 56
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Storage space: 60 GB SSD
  • DirectX: 12

The fact is that Elden Ring is a nice game at 1080p and the lowest settings. So you do not have to worry about washed-out and muddy textures or missing effects. Since Raytracing is still discounted with a patch, Do not miss dynamic lighting effects. Nevertheless, you would like to get the maximum from the game for potent hardware. With the following settings you can do more for your performance:

Setting Result
Texture quality Reducing texture quality can bring you well and like to bring a frame more. Experiment here.
Anti-Aliasing Again, you can get a frame more out – if your resolution is over 1080p. Otherwise you can maintain a higher quality.
Grass Details So stupid it sounds, but the degree of detail of the grass can bring you between three to five frames if you make the quality on “means”.
SSAO A reduction in ambient blur has little effect on the quality of the image. But you can win one to two frames.
Shadow Details Reducing the shadow details can give you two to three frames. In return, however, you get an ugly flashing effect on trees. Decides yourself what is more important to you when gambling.

All other settings such as the quality of the lighting, the effects, reflections, the water surfaces, the volumetric quality as well as the blurring effects unfortunately bring no increase in performance. So you can leave them to the highest settings .

That brought the patches so far!

There is no general performance fix for Elden Ring yet. From software has been dedicated to more direct and more specific problems. Nevertheless, they could have been able to provide for your bad performance.

So Fix Patch 1.02.1 the graphics card bug. This ensured that your graphics card was only partially or not used for ELDEN ring. You can imagine how much the performance suffered when your CPU and your RAM had to stop the Open World epic alone.

But also an error in the game in which more than required files have been loaded when entering new areas has been removed. This bug could also have taken care of massive ragging and low frames . So you should install the latest patch and now own a more fluid gaming experience, then you were affected by the fault carrier.

Another problem could be your internet connection . A very high server utilization ensures lightweight ruckler. Go to “Network” in your settings and set the “Start Settings” to “Offline Game”.

Other guides to Elden Ring on settings:

  • Elden Ring Boss Guide: Margit defeating cruel times
  • Elden Ring: Protect PS5 memory level from fiesem bug
  • Elden Ring: All trophies and successes of the Open World Monster

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Elden Ring: Streamer Asmongold desperately at a mucal dragonfly

Since Friday, Elden Ring has been officially available and many veterans and newcomers are struggling through the open world of the intermediate lands. As it is typical for from software , all sorts of hard chunks are waiting for every corner and numerous bosses make players early in the hell when they are not prepared accordingly.

But that sometimes small opponents can represent the biggest obstacles, now demonstrated the Twitch-Star Asmongold. He too streamed the blockbuster already and met a flying enemy, where he just did not want to see a country. His desperate fight against a dragonfly should have grasped many viewers.

ASMONGOLD delivers amusing duel against an insect

It is a fight between David and Goliath, only that the dragonfly is David and clearly has the upper hand. The winged opponent is far too fast for Asmongold: _ “No! Come on, come here! Jesus! Will you take me up to my arms? Look at it! That’s incredible! That’s – I walk away, I can do this Just do not defeat. “_

While the dragonfly swirls in an affinity to the annoyed streamer, the desperately tries to catch her with his hatchway. But Asmongold remains unsuccessful until the end and finally gives up, very much for the amusement of his viewers and the internet. After a short time you made fun of the dragonfly fight on Twitter.

In response to the clip Asmongold was amused there: _ “Belowed media show this clip again and not as I defeat every boss with a punch.” _ The Twitter channel of OTK Network did not take it, on this tweet with the Gif to answer a dragonfly and _ “Boo!” _ To write. Certainly Asmongold can laugh about the incident itself.

Elden ring and the technology: first solutions

If you already travel the world of Elden Ring exactly like Asmongold, but you Technical Problems Nerves, we may have the first solutions for you. At Reddit, players have already collected, which has helped them against Ruckler and Performance Problems and for a better gaming experience, it is safe to try a lot.

There are also mods for removing the FPS border on the PC as well as specially optimized for the ELDEN ring AMD driver for the corresponding graphics cards. Despite the technical problems on the PC and marginally on the consoles, Elden Ring is a real masterpiece that you should not miss. Why we see this, our test reveals the title.

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Brutal bug: Cyberpunk 2077 is no longer running on the PS4

Now it is really possible: Cyberpunk 2077 is literally unplayable. Because owners of the disc version can no longer start the game since the last patch 1.5 on their PlayStation 4.

PS4 player upset: Cyberpunk 2077 does not run anymore

CD Project Open World Adventure appeared in 2020 in a disastrous state – especially the load gene versions. This even led that Sony banished the PlayStation version of CyBePunk 2077 for a certain amount of time from his store. Now it hits again PlayStation player , because the owner of the disc version complain that cyberpunk since the last big patch 1.5 no longer starts.

Cyberpunk 2077 | PS4 - PS4 Pro - PS5 | NextGen Patch 1.5 Graphics Comparison

Apparently, many concerns many, if not all PS4 players who have cyberpunk 2077 as a disc version . And this error occurs both on the standard PS4 and on the PS4 Pro. We too tried to start the game after the latest update – and it does not work.

Cyberpunk 2077 (PC)

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The error message: “The application can not be started. The data is defective. Delete the application from the PS4 and insert the disc again. “And that too we tried, but without success. Cyberpunk 2077 is currently literally unplayable on the PlayStation 4.

The forums are currently running full of surprising PS4 players. This update should bring some improvements – even for last gene consoles, instead sit fans now with a broken version in front of the screens and must wait for a fix. (Source: CD Project – Forum)

CD project works on a solution

The developer team is aware of this and already works on a fix. (Source: CD Project – Support) This will hopefully come soon, because some PS4 players can not start the game for two days . And that is especially annoying for those who are about to finish the story or get hold of the last trophy.

19 minutes gameplay to elden ring make fans snap out looks absolutely fantastic

Elden Ring is a future action role-playing game created by FromSoftware and also released by Bandai Namco Home Entertainment. The game is a collective effort in between game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, and is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, as well as Xbox Series X/S on February 25, 2022.

For a long time waiting fans aufElden ring and were now a decent insight into the gameplay granted the upcoming game. Judging by the initial reactions it seems to be exactly what many have hoped.

This is in the video: A total almost 19 minutes of gameplay from Elden ring were shown. A voice commented doing what we get there meant to be seen. And that s a lot. Among other things:

An insight into the areas of the open world of Elden ring. We see forests, ruins, castles and all kinds of inhabitants of these places. We also see how the weather affects the area and eindeckt instance with lightning.

The card of the game is presented.
We see the pot-shapes that can talk to our game character.
It can be seen how the horse feature works and is catapulted how using Spirit Springs up in the air.
The crafting system is shown.
Numerous fights are presented – both against infantry simple and impressive bosses. Among other things, a dragon hunts down to seek conflict – and reminiscent of good old Skyrim times.
Who does not want to fight, can sneak by the enemy lines.
A first glimpse at the multiplayer part of the open world are shown.

But best you see yourself in order to get an impression:

community responded enthusiastically to the Elden Ring insight

As good as the Elden Ring Video counts: The gameplay was presented in a form of a live premiere on November 04 at 15:00 on YouTube and now, 3 hours after release, remarkably positive reactions. The video is currently at 112,819 Likes, with only 1,112 thumbs down (as of 18:12).

A similarly positive relationship offers after the premiere again uploaded, separate gameplay video with currently 9,982 Likes to 127 dislikes (as of 18:12).

And in comments both videos cash primarily tense and vorfreudige votes on the new Elden Ring:

Incredible. Magic, the red flashes, new weapons skills and move sets will definitely spice up the gameplay. But my inner explorers crying before despair (but also with joy) on the size and complexity of the map, says Mikołaj User Błaszczyszyn (via YouTube).

19 Minutes of Elden Ring Gameplay Preview
It is the open world is causing many of tension. So draw some comparisons to last Zelda game that also impressed with its great open world: Breath of the Soul. I m hyped and I really hope the unmistakable signature level design. I imagine it in an open world quite difficult, says Max Power User (via YouTube).
It looks absolutely fantastic. I love how the landscapes as a cover of an old fantasy novel look. This is simply first-class material, Miyazaki has done it again, says one user (via YouTube).
Wow, weapons skills and spells look so incredibly from satisfactory. I know that it is only a fraction, so I m very excited, solely because of this aspect, says users Psyler (via YouTube).
Absolutely amazing. Elden ring seems to combine the best of each game. It looks as if it will be a serious GOTY contender and could be the best game developed the From Soft (via YouTube).

Criticism, there are meanwhile by some in terms of graphics. Here, some players seem to have wanted more upbeat.

Mostly the fans in the gameplay video seem to find most of what they have expected from the game. Again and again commented Elden ring apparently combine the best of Dark Souls, Blood Borne, Sekiro and an open world.

Whether this hype then so finds remains in play, of course, first to be seen. A few months are still pending: Elden ring appears in February 2022nd

Legends Pok mon Arceus A world finally not so open

Glenn Close [ɡlɛn kloʊz], née le 19 mars 1947 à Greenwich, est une actrice, scénariste et productrice américaine.
Ayant commencé sa carrière sur les planches des théâtres de New York, elle a rapidement entamé une carrière polyvalente au cinéma et à la télévision, étant régulièrement saluée et citée comme l une des meilleures actrices de sa génération.
Nommée huit fois aux Oscars du cinéma, elle a remporté entre autres trois Emmy Awards, trois Golden Globes et trois Tony Awards. Elle continue d alterner des rôles à Broadway, dans des séries et sur grand écran (aussi bien dans des films indépendants que dans des blockbusters), mais aussi de jouer dans des comédies musicales comme Sunset Boulevard où elle reprend avec succès le rôle de Norma Desmond joué au cinéma par la star Gloria Swanson.

Qualified a little quickly from open world , including on structure articulated, Legends Pokémon: Arceus will be more closely closer to a Hunter Monster than a Breath of the Wild in his structure articulated around a village / base and missions that one accepts one after the other by choosing a particular destination.

It is Kotaku who dissipates this misunderstanding by relying on a description sent by The Pokémon Company:

In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the Rusti-Cité village will serve as a basis for exploration missions. After receiving a mission or demand and prepared their next excursion, players will leave the village to study one of the different areas. Open from the Hisui region. Once the survey work is over, players will have to come back once again to prepare for their next task. We look forward to sharing more information on exploring the region of Hisui.

This description is not very different from what can be read on the official website, which also puts forward the presence of many areas with distinct environments . The problem is that these lines can also be applied to any open world composed of several biomes.

The fact is that since its ad, Legends Pokémon: Arceus more cultivates the similarities with a Breath of the Wild (even in the composition of its jacket) than with a Monster Hunter . The insistence of marketing to speak of the Hisui region , as in the last video of the game below, also evoked a unified open world rather than a terrain divided into separate regions. The idea of ​​an open world was also quickly returned to the spirits of commentators to explain the realization of the game judged little flatter, even for the switch.


Legends Pokémon: Arceus – News Trailer

Elden Ring Everything that is known about the next game of fromSoftware the parents of Dark Souls

After years of waiting and silence, the exit from Elden Ring is relatively close. As the study has broken its long silence, we have tons of information about different aspects of the game. Whether you’re curious about what to expect or look for information to determine if the game is for you, you’re probably in the right place.

We have gathered everything we have been able to find about the game, except for its mythology and history, that we already advance in a previous text. Before arriving at the core of the matter, remember that Elden Ring arrives on January 21, 2022 to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

Elden Ring: What game software do you look like?

The consensus that seems to arise at this time is that Elden Ring is like a Dark Souls in terms of gameplay, atmosphere and tradition, but adding a great open world, as well as elements of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. It is a slightly reductionist way to say it, since the game is the crystallization of everything they have learned in the course of their various titles (including Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne).

You are free to choose a class and appearance among several at the beginning of the adventure, and then level up talking to the equivalent of the fireguard, called Melina. This allows you to create your own build with various options of weapons, armor, but also spells, so you can play drastically different; Exactly as in the Souls.

Sekiro’s influence can be seen in the fact that it is possible to jump to explore and climb the terrain, but also to dodge certain attacks. The damage by fall has been reduced considerably and it will be possible to use stealth to avoid fights or murder enemies. Block with a weapon instead of a shield will also be a much more viable option than before.

Melina and the nexus

The equivalent of Bonfires / Lamps / Statues present in all fromSoftware Games will obviously be. Called fall grace, it is a golden light that you can see in some screenshots. It meets the same functions as the bonfires, allowing you to regenerate life and mana, as well as your specific life potions of Elden Ring.

You can use these places as a teleport point, as well as to summon the Guardian of Fire Melina. She will come out of nowhere as a spectrum, and you can spend your points to level up. These places also have the peculiarity of aiming at the address of your next great goal, something particularly useful in a great open world.

According to the words of Miyazaki, the points will be more rare and more distant from each other in Elden Ring, but to compensate, you will regenerate some health killing an enemy, which will keep you exploring for longer. It also seems that some optional bosses found in nature as the Wyvern make a rest point appear when dying.

At a certain point in history, you will unlock the equivalent of Demon’s Souls, a large central room from which you can explore the 6 main regions. There will be different characters of the game, and also others who will come to visit. In any case, this will allow you to obtain missions and take advantage of your services.

Open world

The intermediate lands are the kingdom in which the story is developed, and the tree of the world is in its center with different elements. In addition to the obvious reference to Tolkien and his middle land, there is some evidence that another kingdom is under the roots of the tree (possibly hell), as well as above its branches (heavenly domain or gods). But that’s just a supposition at the moment.

The world is divided into at least six large separate open areas, each with its own setting and unique challenges. Of course, there will be a volcano, a swamp area, snowy areas and more. Each area includes a gigantic dungeon / castle in which there is one of the demigods that a fragment of the Elden circle has, which reigns as Lord over the area of ​​Him and who serves as a great boss.

The principle is a little similar to that of Demon‘s demonic souls Souls / Dark Souls, and are necessary to reach the end of the game, although the vast majority of the bosses are optional. The boss with a multitude of arms visible in the trailer and some screenshots seems to be one of these demigods.

The game will present a logical order in which to perform these 6 kingdoms, but you are absolutely free to do it in the order you prefer (again, as in Demon’s Souls).

This video shown to the press would show an old world map (unfortunately not available image) drawn in a parchment. We can see the kingdoms there, as well as a spacious ocean. Since this is a real physical map that is seen in the game and not just a tool that is given to the player, you will not be able to complete it simply by walking through the areas. According to comments, you must look for the other fragments of the map, which will encourage exploration. Of course, you can put a marker on the map, which will make a light column appear to help you orient you in the game.

The world is open, but many areas remain narrow and labyrinthine. In addition, you can be linked to each other of unexpected forms, as is usually the case in the FromSoftware games. You can also take several different paths to get to a boss, the first implies a difficult combat and / or dodge crossbow shooting, while the second requires being stealthy and climbing. You can choose according to your game style and then change your mind.

There are many characters, monsters, events and treasures waiting for you in the open world, as well as innumerable hazards that fromSoftware keeps secret. There are also field leaders to discover, like the Wyvern that rushes from the heavens and burns a group of enemies, being free to face it or flee.

We still do not know to what extent the bad weather is handled like rain or wind. They are present in the videos of the game, but we do not know if it is a transient or permanent climate. On the other hand, the day-night cycle is very present, you will feel easy to exercise the discretion at night, but with the counterpart that your vision will also be affected. In addition, new and more formidable monsters are available exclusively at night.

Dark Souls 3: 10 Things To Know When Starting A New Game
The illusory walls will be present, to delight the people who like to hit with their sword on all the walls. A couple of binoculars will allow you to observe the situation from the distance to try to detect enemies and traps before venturing into an open area. Finally, fast trips will be available from anywhere and at any unlocked destination.


To explore the vast outdoor spaces, a kind of spiritual horse was introduced. The horse has a kind of double jump, as well as a special ability to reach inaccessible areas using a special platform. You can call it even moving, which makes it a good way to escape.

It is also possible to fight horseback, being able to attack, shoot arrows and even throw spells from the saddle. This makes it the perfect choice for certain fights that require a lot of mobility, as well as hitting and running attacks. For example, against a dragon or a giant. According to developers, you will prefer to dismantle several opponents. It also allows you to dodge and use your combat skills, which does not seem possible on horseback.

However, in the case of a PVP invasion, the horse will be deactivated, possibly to encourage clashes instead of flight.


The clashes are more similar to Souls, with a wide variety of weapons, armor, shields and spells. The resistance bar will also be there, although it will be less restrictive for your actions than in the previous titles, for example running does not consume anything. Sekiro elements have also been introduced, such as jumping and a posture bar that can break to make the enemy vulnerable. The fights also have a rhythm a little faster.

A small novelty is the possibility of unleashing a quick counterattack after blocking with your weapon, something that normally does not foster at all in Souls. Maybe this is a balance done to offer an alternative to the shields.

Another novelty is the incorporation of skills. They are different from Souls’ weapons skills, as well as Sekiro’s combat skills. These are combat powers that can be applied to any weapon. You will need to find these skills throughout the game and choose the ones you prefer for your current configuration.

The addition of stealth allows you to dodge many fights, especially against enemies that are too dangerous to face them normally. It also allows you to participate in the combat with an advantage by stabbing an enemy on the back. The tall grass is still an interesting place to hide. A kind of somnifera arrow has been mentioned to sleep at a distance enemy.

The invocations system will also help you customize your focus on certain situations.

NEW: Spiritual invocations

This is not entirely new, since there is already a similar system in several study games: the possibility of convening certain NPCs through a brand on the ground to help you in a boss or at a level. But the way it works has been revised radically. We can see different characters and creatures of blue color in the trailer of the game and screenshots, these are the new invocations.

During your adventures, you will unlock new monsters and characters of different types, then you can compose the equipment you want to convene according to your preferences and needs. These invocations will only be available in certain particularly difficult sections of the game, probably when it comes to large groups of enemies. In addition, it consumes mana to keep them active.

Therefore, you will not be able to abuse it, as you can deprive yourself of the ability to cast spells or habildiades. Some invocations are more powerful than others, but they also consume more mana. Explore the world and complete missions will be ways to unlock new invocations, and the choice of your team will greatly differentiate your character from the others.


An element that should cause Elden Ring more accessible than previous titles of the study is the integration of multiplayer mode, as well as its simplification. You will no longer need a special element to play cooperatively. In addition, there should no longer be time limits. It will not disappear after defeating a boss. This is quite logical, since the game includes hours of exploration of the open world.

The player against player mode will also be present, but apart from blocking the use of horses, we do not know much about it. A system of features similar to the present in Dark Souls should serve to flavor things, with features that offer rewards or a particular role play. But this has not been detailed.

Objects and equipment

As mentioned above, we will have healing potions that work in a manner similar to the Estus, as they are recharged while resting. However, the vials that regenerate mana have not been confirmed. The videos show many weapons, so the choice must be broad. Among the exotic weapons seen, a kind of sword-whip stand out in the hands of an invocation, the possibility of playing with a sword in each hand, as well as a double sword.

All weapons have slots in which to place runes. Special relics are also planned to throw spells. The arches will be in the game and are supposed to work better than in previous titles, for players who want to play with an archer.

You can park plants, skins and minerals to manufacture and improve weapons.

Contente of MGG Fr.

Elden Ring new images and more details for Gamescom

After a very expected reappearance last June at E3, Elden Ring will not have false leap on the occasion of Gamescom and takes advantage of the event to reveal new information transmitted to a handful of writing, including those of JV, IGN, Polygon and The Verge who have discovered a presentation of a twenty minutes.

there might be HIDDEN COINS in your FIFA 21 CLUB... (FIFA 21)
Do not look for the gameplay video in question on this page or elsewhere, but we imagine that Bandai Namco will share it with the audience later history to raise the pressure gradually, the game of fromSoftware is not remembered not expected before the 21 January 2022. Most of the elements contained in these items had already been mentioned last June, but we can start by note that the open world of the game pushed the developers to put a card in the hands of the player, a little first in 12 years of Souls-like for fromSoftware that asked us so far to memorize its level design interconnected.

This card will not be extremely detailed and therefore does not intend to indicate the location of the slightest resource, but it will be a minimum in the world of land and use the travel system fast (inaccessible within a dungeon). The card will be updated by finding map fragments disseminated here and there. In terms of exploration, we know that the player will have a compass and a bright drag guide to tell him the next main destination, but we will of course be free to get away from exploring The optional places disseminated everywhere. And for those who fear not to navigate, a functionality will put his own markers history not to forget the location of an interesting monster or a useful resource.

This open world, fromSoftware will offer us to explore it on a back of a ghost desterrier, to whom we can eat to strengthen complicity and who can borrow from drafts to achieve high reliefs, the verticality being One of the key elements of an architecture that will not punish the clumsy players given the absence of fall damage. From the confession of fromSoftware, the reappearance points will not fail in order not to impose long trips after a death. In addition to the sites of lost grace which are the equivalent of the campfires, the player may indeed discover intermediate recurrence on the way, points he will be free to use or not. As a reminder, the open world of Elden Ring is placed at the center of six regions housing the main dungeons of the game. These will be particularly complex and comparable at emblematic levels, such as the bottle palace of * Demon’s Souls *. Between these big steps, the exploration will be marked by piles of mini-dungeons taking the form of caves, cemeteries or catacombs.

As we already knew, Elden Ring wants to evolve the formula Dark Souls but do not hesitate to look on the side of Sekiro , not just because the character will be able to jump but also Because it will have the means to sneak discreetly if necessary, why not to sleep a threat with a sleeping arrow. Sword, Arc, Magic, Infiltration: More generally, the customization of the combat style looks more flexible than in the other games of the studio, even if no one has seen concretely the character of the character’s evolution. We know despite everything that will be necessary to see the traditional dedicated character (Melina) to gain levels. Finally, if needed a helping hand, it will be possible to convene the spirit of certain NPCs fallen into combat, not to mention the possibility of calling on one or two online gambling partners, without anyone knowing If the difficulty of the game will adapt to the number of players.

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