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How to unlock the Valkyrie Family Relight in Apex Legends

The recent release of Respawn Entertainment Event of the Assumption collection in the Apex Legends trailer was presented with a new family relic. This time this is our favorite winged avenger, Valkyrie. The Suzaku spear is the name of the inherited relic, and the players will have a chance to acquire this item during a limited event. The Valkyrie network cannot wait to get this new weapon of near-fight, and this is how you can get it in APEX Legends.

How to get a family relic of Valkyrie in Apex Legends

In order to unlock the Valkyrie’s family relic during the Awakening collection event, players must purchase all 24 thematic sets. Anyone who bought all 24 sets will receive a inherited relic as a bonus prize. The total purchase cost of all 24 thematic sets is about 160 dollars, but players can always use craft materials to buy some rare and epic items!

How to get a relic of Valkyrie free after an Awakening event in Apex Legends

Fans who do not want to spend money can also purchase a family relic after the event Awakening in APEX Legends. For this method, you will need to get fragments of a family relic by opening APEX packages. The chances of getting fragments of the family relic using this method are quite large, but this is the only way to get this weapon of near-fight for free.

In addition to the family relic of the Valkyrie, during the event Awakening Collection, several other unique cosmetic objects will be added to the game. Players will be able to purchase a new set of cosmetics on 24 topics. These include the legendary Atom Heart Mothe skins from Horizon, Animal Instinct from Fuse and Existentel Threat from ASH. In the same way, players will also be able to earn XP, completing all daily tasks during the Awakening collection event.

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Apex Legends: Salvation

EA and respawn entertainment present the next major update of the hero shooter with APEX LEGENDS: Salvation, which will be released worldwide on May 10th.
As the latest legend, salvation introduces the heroic defender Newcastle, who plunges into the battle with his sign to protect his team.

Verses that Teach Salvation can be Lost (Part 2)
The official launch trailer can be seen here:

More details about Apex Legends: Salvation will be announced shortly before the update of the update on May 10 on Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Apex Legend developer shares troubleshooting for the error code that temporarily blocks players

Respawn Entertainment is constantly optimizing its Battle Royale and normally improving these minor changes the gaming experience and the stability of the game. However, this is not always the case, and the latest update of Apex Legends has led to players in the middle of the game an unusual error code. However, it does not just mean that players are thrown out of their matches – this error code can even occupy them with a ten-minute temporary lock. Luckily, a developer has shared a quick workaround on Reddit.

Reddit user, FlexAtronnn “is only one of several Apex Legends players who have expressed their dismay in the online forum that they randomly thrown out of a live game of Apex Legends and in many cases temporarily blocked for ten minutes after seen the following error code: ‘sh_weapon_cosmetics.nut # 531’

If you look at the text to the error code, it is clear that the problem associated with a weapon cosmetics – and: “rspn_exgeniar” (which in our opinion is the live technical designer Aaron Li, which looks at the credits list of Apex Legends) Highlighted, what to pay attention to players if you want to avoid this problem.

ERROR EasyAntiCheat [Apex Legends] ➤ РЕШЕНИЕ!
“If I read the error message correctly,” Li began to deal with the problem for the time being…, S03 Platinum Gun Charm, do not put a weapon magic on this weapon while using her reactive skin. ‘

Get this error. Someone else? from top legends

So, to clarify things a little… it seems that the error code is caused by players, which cancel a weapon with a reactive skin and the attached S03 Platinum Weapon trailer. This comment would suggest that Respawn Entertainment is aware of the problem, which in turn indicates that a solution comes, but we just do not know exactly.

So if you want to climb in the ranks of Apex Legends without a tailor for a solution, we recommend that you check your weapon cosmetics before you get into a game. While they do that, it could be worthwhile to browse the ranking of Apex Legends for recommendations to the best legends for the job – reactive arms skin or not.

“Apex Legends” Console version frame rate improves with the latest update. PC version crash frequent

Respawn Entertainment delivered Ver.1.90 updates to “ Apex Legends ” on March 2, today. In this update, it has been further improved in the fall of the console version of the console that was problematic in PS4. In addition, it seems that the crash frequently occurred in the PC version is also improved.

In “Apex Legends”, a large-scale modification was held at Olympus at the season 12 “Defiism”. However, in the console version, significant frame rate drops in Olympus due to map modification have become a problem. The last update has started addressing this frame rate problem, but it seems that further improvement was made this time (Related Articles). It is also considered to have an update that improves the console version frame rate.

Season 12 Hidden Nerfs + Frame Rate Issues + Apex Coins Bug Fix (Apex Legends News)

When I checked for a few matches in the regular version PS4, maintenance of 60 fps in indoor location such as turbines and bad places. In the open place, it was a frame rate of about 40 to 60 fps. Although it becomes unstable when the viewing angle is expanded in the setting, it may not be easier to play than before? By the way, the dropship at the start of the match was 30 fps. Dropships may have a large load and difficult to improve because they look at maps.

Also, in the PC version, the crash problem that had frequently occurred depending on the environment seems to be improved. This makes it difficult to crash in important scenes such as the moment of fall or immediately after Respone.

Improvement of frame rate to this console version is the second of the scheduled updates, and improvement updates will continue to continue. I would like to expect from now on for the heavy area of ​​operation.

“Apex Legends” is currently holding the season 12 “Defiism”.

Apex Legends season 11 patch notes released New weapons and past new map appears that can be used with light Heavia

Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment released the patch note of the season 11 Escape scheduled to be opened at Batroa FPS Apex Legends (Apex Legends).

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In the Escape that is the new season, new content such as legends and maps, etc., etc. are implemented. GAME SPARK has posted a preceding experience repo. In this article, we will easily make new elements to be added in this update.

What's Coming in Apex Season 11 - ALL CHANGES | Apex Legends Patch Notes
New Legend Ash

A new legend Ash is a character that appeared in the FPS Titan Fall 2 sharing the view of the world. He has an ability with portal and restraint effectiveness.

Passive: Skint
Ash Map shows the location of the desk box that has been discovered. Using the special display that appears in the desbo box, you can mark the surviving attacker (one per box).

Tactical Avicity: Arksnea
If you throw a rotating snare, damage to the first approaching enemy and constrained.

Open one-way portal at a target location. Portal is open for a short time, and anyone can use it.

New Map Storm Point

The new map Storm Point, which has been added since Olympus, is about 15% larger than World s Edge. This map with a resort area can enjoy new elements such as a gravity canon that will be replaced by balloons and a battle with creatures.

New weapon C.A. R. SMG

The sub-machine gun C.A.R. SMG that could be used in Titan Fall 2 is appeared. Special as a battle royal game, can be used two types of ammunition of light magazine and heavy magazine, it has become a powerful weapon easy to handle.

In addition to the change of ranked matches and arena mode it is also included a number of Legend our correction. Visit the official site for more information.

Season 11 escape is the opening scheduled Japan time on November 3. The for PlayStation has started pre-download, it seems to be a file size from 40GB as 50GB.

Halloween event of Apex Legends Dates Rewards Skins and more

Apex Legends already enjoys the contents of his new event: Interior monsters . The Respawn Entertainment Shooter will celebrate until November 2 its particular Virtual Halloween with a multitude of cosmetics inspired by the great clRespawn Entertainmentsics of horror cinema. Available in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

new map, special game mode and more

On October 12, the day in which it began, the title wRespawn Entertainment reinforced with a new map of sand mode. BIS is set in BoreRespawn Entertainment , the Natal Planet of Seer. Its desert Respawn Entertainmentpect merges with some of the metal structures raised Respawn Entertainment a combat environment.

It will not be until the lRespawn Entertainmentt week of the event when it arrives Shadow Royale , the return of the acclaimed mode for these dates. All the legends that fall into a game will return to life in the form of a shadow; In this way they can help the colleagues continue alive. While a companion continues alive, you can reappear unlimitedly. And yes, you have the opportunity to avenge.

Interior monsters offers a novelty in the ingame store. The limited edition packs of this event will be put on sale. By 400 APEX coins You can purchRespawn Entertainmente a package that will contain an object of the guaranteed non-duplicate event, among other customization objects. The store will also offer Respawn Entertainmentpects of previous events by Halloween, such Respawn Entertainment Lady del Evil for Wraith or bite lethal for Crypto.

Between October 26 to November 1 An even more special item will be added if possible. The game will celebrate the day of the dead with a new lot dedicated to Octane. Quick Death Includes the epic Respawn Entertainmentpect with the same name, the epic banera frame altar ego, the rare Respawn Entertainmentpect match flirting with death for Volt and two packages for legend.

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