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JR East will release the Official Train Sim on Steam. JR East Train Simulator early access distribution start from September 20th

East Japan Passenger Railway Co., Ltd. (JR East) released the Steam store page of JR East Train Simulator on September 2. According to the store page, early access distribution will be started on September 20. Screenshots and videos are released on the store page.

JR East Train Simulator is a railway operation simulator that JR East is a publishing. In this work, the player runs a railway vehicle as a driver on a real route of JR East. When the game starts, instruments and UIs are lined up on the screen with live-action stations and tracks. Considering the time and distance until the next station stop, adjust the speed by looking at the speedometer lined up on the instrument. On the JR East route, it will run the railway as a driver.

This work is scheduled to be distributed early, and in the first version, Hachiko Line (Kiha 110 Series) up, Takasaki-Kuragano and Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) Southern, Omiya and Urawa. Can be driven. As for the flow of the game, select the driving route and vehicles, set the station from the route, and start running. For example, if you choose the Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) south, you will choose the starting station from Omiya or Saitama Shintoshin and start operation. The elements are three levels (difficulty) of different stations. In the advanced level, the station stop range is only 1m, but in the beginner level, the station stop range is 5m, and the operation guide and driving information are also displayed, so it seems that you can play with confidence even for the first time in railway driving.

In addition, this work is developed using a commercial simulator used by JR East for crew training. The scenery seen from the driver’s seat uses a high-definition video taken by JR East route in live-action. The sounds that are heard from vehicles and tracks are also used using actual vehicles. The instrument panel is also characterized by the officially unique commitment of the official, as well as the format changes for each vehicle, and it operates faithfully according to the actual vehicle.

The development of this work is a music museum that develops and produces commercial simulators. In recent years, the company has provided a train simulator produced by the company for hotel accommodation plans. Although the relationship with this work is unknown, in April 2022, four hotels in eastern Japan will sell a plan that allows you to experience the JR East Train Simulator that can run the Keihin Tohoku Line and Hachiko Line. I was.

In this work JR East Train Simulator, as described above, at the start of early access distribution, Yachiko Line (Kiha 110 Series), Takasaki-Kuragano and Keihin Tohoku Line (E233 series 1000 series) South trip., Omiya-Urawa is included. The update will change the route that can be driven. DLCs on each line are scheduled to be sold, and it seems that long-distance sections can be driven by purchasing. At the time of the official release, it will be supported by external controllers.


JR East Train Simulator will be distributed early on September 20 at Steam. It is said that the selling price will rise as the official release will increase.

[Interview] Digimon, different from before, Digimon Survive

The latest film of Digimon Game Series, Digimon Surviv’s release, is not long. Unlike the existing Digimon works, which are bright and lively, they will have a very dark and depressed atmosphere.

The Digimon Survive, which was first released in July 2018, was expected by fans for its outstanding producer, the game of the game, the serious atmosphere of the game, and the differentiated graphics. After the children who were participating in field learning, they went to Digimon because they were unknown. Unlike the existing Digimon series, which has evolved as the user desired, it is characterized by the adoption of a system that changes from the breakdown of evolution and the story in the game according to the player’s choice.

Digimon Survive, which will show another figure in the Digimon series, and why is this challenging game? In a written interview with the lower Kazu Masa producer, I was able to listen to a short story. Digimon Survive will be released on July 28th as a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PCs, and the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version support Korean.

Q. The release period continued to be delayed. What is the reason.

The team in charge of the first two years was developed, but the progress was not good. As a result, the new team continued to develop, and most of the data could not be used. In the end, the development period, which was expected to be two years from the beginning, increased to four years.


Q. I chose a classic genre of text adventure and Tactics Battle. I wonder why the classic genre is mixed in the latest series.

It was decided in consideration of the fact that it is a game genre familiar to the main targets of Digimon games and a genre developed by small teams. Digimon Survive was a challenging title, so I was able to try this.

This work focuses on the text adventure, which is focused on stories rather than a nurturing game. In addition, there are eight major characters, so we adopted a strategic battle, a genre where several people can participate in the battle at the same time.

Q. What is the way to play the game of Digimon Survive?

In the text adventure part, the game is played by talking with the characters or investigating objects placed all over the background. Each chapter consists of two situations: ‘free behavior’, which develops ties with friends during the limited behavior, and ‘exploring behavior’, which is a scenario event. Strategic battles corresponding to the event occur about 2-4 times each chapter.

Q. Text adventure has a great share of the story. Please explain the story of Digimon Survive.

The story of Digimon Survive is different from the bright and positive Digimon series. Therefore, if you expect Digimon in a bright atmosphere, you can feel a little unfortunate. The characters of this work are not chosen as the main characters of the animation, but they are caught up in the end, and they are forced to make various choices in unwanted situations.

The story of the ‘Jewish’ of boys and monsters tested in such dangerous adventure is depicted in Digimon Survive. Boys and girls who came to study on-site learning suddenly caught up in the fog that occurred, and they arrived at this world where strange creatures and monsters appeared.

Suddenly, in a harsh situation thrown into danger, they are caught in fear and doubt. In the process, he raises ‘Jewish’ with monsters from another world and finds a way to survive. The player will join the game through the game.

Q. Unlike before, it is dark and heavy. Why did you make this challenging choice?

It is the same as Digimon’s royal road that children cannot return to this dangerous world where monsters run.

However, the harsh the situation, the closer the death is, and the human ego (Ego) is increasingly surfaced. The choice that falls in such a state reveals the player’s mind indirectly. We wanted to experience how the choice affects partner monsters through the game and feel immersive.

** Q. It was a story of abduction, so it would be a work for core fans. But rather, I think it might be an introductory series because it is a story that can be understood without seeing the abduction, that is, the main story.

Digimon Survive is drawn as the main character, ‘weakly’ people who would have only been supporting if they were other titles. Therefore, it may not be suitable for the introductory series. On the contrary, it can be seen as a work for those who sympathized with the perpetrators and victim characters of the sub-character-related events, not the main character, while encountering various Digimon series.

Q. I wonder how many endings in the story are prepared and how much it is play.

I think it’s about 25-40 hours per route. It depends on the text and difficulty, but it is expected to take 80 to 100 hours when clearing the entire root, including the digging elements.

Q. I wonder how many Digimon is available at the time of launch.

Digimon Survive is not a cultivation game, so it did not weigh the number of Digimon. The total number of monsters is 113.

Q. There are so many fans of Digimon in Korea. This is because I have been with Digimon as a child. Now they are adults and are waiting for Digimon Survive. I would like to give you the last greeting to Korean fans with Digimon for a long time.

As the series continued for a long time, many developments and stories appeared in Digimon. Among them, the game has the advantage of being able to play the worldview and story created by various ideas. The game is hoping for the game to bring Digimon’s new charm.

Digimon Survive is a particularly different work of Digimon games. I think it would be happy to have fun playing Korean fans who have been supporting Digimon games for a long time.

11 Pokemon that would land on our plate

** Pokémon are usually cute to check out.
Yet many also taste sweet.

Or are well matched for coffee and also cake, morning meal or an honorable dinner.
In our image series we chose eleven Pokémon that we would certainly rather consume than train. **

Which Pokémon can you eat?

You have possibly already seen one or the other scene from the anime, in which characters sparked from a tasty Pokémon roast
And also in the games as well as Pokédex entrances there are constantly recommendations that Pokémon is eaten by individuals.
In the adhering to image series you will certainly find eleven Pokémon, which would certainly make themselves completely on the plate.
And also ultimately we also clarify a misconception.

Due to the fact that a Pokémon, which numerous believe that it is edible, is not in reality at all.
Yet look on your own: .

extremely pleased Stream: Barn Finders from 11:45 a.m. on Twitch

From 11:45 a.m. you can check out the extremely pleased Live Stream Barn Finders and extra on the Xbox Series X. We would be extremely pleased if you would certainly switch on as well as welcome us to conversation. Quickly it will certainly start!


Here you can see what is on the program today:

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Stranger Things 4 Spray all records in Netflix; The series will end in seserieson 5

The seserieson 4 of Stranger Things wseries one of the most anticipated premieres of the year, and it seems that his arrival hseries been a real success . series specified by Netflix, the series accumulates almost 300 million hours of viewing, quickly exceeding the second seserieson of Bridgerton (193). The most revealing fact is that it hseries positioned itself in the first position of the most watched contents in 82 countries .


Stranger Things 5 is a reality, and it will be the end of the series

series you can imagine, no detail is known about the fifth seserieson , but since lseriest February we know that it is planned and that, in addition, will be the end of Stranger Things ; There will be no more. This wseries confirmed by Ross and Matt Duffer, the brothers responsible for the series.

Stranger Things Seserieson 4: Terror above all

The series hseries always become the paranormal phenomena, the fear of the unknown and certain elements of science fiction that put the sanity of the human being at risk. And in the fourth seserieson, terror becomes more evident than ever. In our criticism, one of the things we highlight is that pays a beautiful tribute to Nightmare in Elm Street . series in the saga of Freddy Krueger, this seserieson we will remember that the greatest dangers come from our subconscious, where our daily experiences will be twisted by a monster that, if it kills us in the dream plane, will also do so in the physical world. And it will be a very painful death . You can read the full article in the following link.

We remind you that Netflix offers the first 6 episodes currently. Volume 2 will include the lseriest 2 and close the seserieson on July 1 . series a curiosity, the final chapter will lseriest more than 2 hours.

The set photos of The Witcher season 3 suggest the location of the books

The sorcerer season 3 began to film earlier this year, but information about history remains secret. However, a series of details have begun to arise from the set, hinting at what will come. Redaniana Intelligence reports that filming is carried out around a structure that resembles the ruins of Shaerrawedd, which appeared in Andrzej Sapkowski’s novel. Sangre de elphos. At this time, it is not clear if the structure is intended to be the destroyed elphical palace, but it certainly seems like a possibility! Anyway, it seems that it could be an interesting location next season.

You can find an image of the Redanian Intelligence Tweet location embedded below.

Writing the Witcher with Andrzej Sapkowski and Lauren Hissrich | Netflix

As Redanian Intelligence points out, season 2 ofthe sorcerer_ was strongly based on theelpho sangrer, but Shaerrawedd did not appear. Of course, the Netflix series freely adapts elements of Sapkowski’s stories, so it would not be exaggerated to imagine that the trimmed content of the book appears in season 3. The rapid and loose approach of the program towards the material of origin has irritated Some fans, but some deviations are expected when it comes to any adaptation. It is very unlikely that Netflix reveals specific details about the plot in the short term, so, for now, fans will only have to speculate on what will come.

While some fans are not happy with the program approach on the original material,the sorcerer_ continues to find success for Netflix. The program has passionate followers and Netflix has invested a lot in the series. It remains to be seen how long The sorcerer could last, but writers and producers have already begun to plan a fourth season, even while season 3 continues to film. Of course, _the witcher: origin of the blood, a series of prequels, will also be launched at the end of this year. Hopefully Netflix continues to provide fans a lot to enjoy in the coming years!

Are you a fan ofthe witch_ in Netflix? How do you feel about the adaptation of the original material program? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Wild Rift: Leviathan and Ebro Gaming dominate the south scene

Continuing the emotions in the wild crack but now in the southern region we had four titans who would seek to move on to the next instance where it would be face-to-face to define who would become the champion of the Latin region.

Team Secret vs eBRO Gaming - Horizon Cup 2021 | EBG vs TS

Starting the southern games, we saw Furious Gaming against Leviathan, a first map that began calmly playing to Farmear and getting gold to benefit from possible items for team fights trusting Thiago “Kite” Rodriguez used a vayne with which they were put in mortal mode getting good low and despite the dragons achieved by ** matias “ek0” wall.

The second map would be a little more even due to the style of play that both teams proposed, waiting for any error to punish as quickly as possible, in the middle part Francisco “Prusher” Junco would be a pillar to keep rivals at bay when using a A Kayle quite fearsome, however, in a team fight by the dragon, the Levianeta better raised the positioning to exterminate its rivals and take 2-0 in the series.

A third map that could be the end of the skull but without letting out the mood put everything in the game, starting to generate pressure for the lanes with the Jax of Facundo “Libra” of Larrosam who did a very good Split Push job and with the selection of kayle again for prusher , the team of furious managed to create a good strategy that put against the ropes to leviathan cutting the first head and leaving the Series 2-1.

When we arrived at the Fourth Map we saw that the Levianeta was not happy with what was happening when seeing the selection of Fizz for Lucas “LMEsh” Tobala who would take the rotations to find murders for his team and manage to teach who was in front of the Fish along with the damage that kite put using Senna gradually began to leave the skull without teeth to hit them a 3-1 and take the pass to the next round.

The second series of the day was put to ace1 face to face against Ebro Gaming starting a first map where we saw the Ninjas team managing to compete as equally in the first minutes of play and wanting to dominate but things were complicated due to Vicente ” Ebudy “SAA who used the sacrifice to be decisive within the fights, managing to turn around in the final fight and get the first victory of the series.

On the second map we saw that That benefited him in a good way and being the turning point inside the map, reaching a lot of space for his team to fight the second scenario.

A third map that put things from scratch, the Lions team was the one who was beginning to bite strongly by achieving a starting advantage that allowed them to take the lanes in a better way, with a fight in Baron that proposed ACE1 And insured by natasha things seemed in favor of the ninjas, the lion was still an advantage but the hunts made Ninja techniques will work better to take victory.

The fourth game was a similar story from the lions that took aggression as its main measure, in a game of wild crack where time goes flying while trying to trace a series when seeing like Joselo “Joselo” To throw all the baron’s lane and in a fight for the dragon play in good way the definitive ones to close the map at minute 12.

Coming at last with a five issue that would be all or nothing to be able to advance within the tournament where tom with a veigago would be quite forceful with the power of the yordle to achieve a very good lane control but Joselo would repeat his great work in the jungle to be able to take the goals brutally and give the end to the stage in favor of Ebro.

So I finished the first day in the southern area of Wild Rift, with large items that were sometimes very fast and other complicated, with defined winners we can expect the following days to remain equally intense to see the most muscular thumbs in the region fight For more.

The Crew 3 filtered by Ubisoft Insider

The Ubisoft racing franchise can return in the form of The crew 3. Out of some DLC after the launch, Ubisoft has let the series be silence since the sequel was launched in 2018. Although some criticisms praised The Crew 2 __ by the way he repeated the first game with new vehicles and greater depth, The general reception of the game was tibia. There were rumors that Ubisoft was doing a new expansion for the crew 2_ last year, but it seems that the scope and scale have increased, which justifies a completely new game in the racing franchise.

A new XFire report says that Ubisoft is developing The crew 3. The game has been nicknamed internally as Project Orlando and can be revealed as soon as this year. Xfire also reports that the game will have a new driving engine and other revisions, which probably indicates a new address for the series. The first two series of the series focused on players who had the ability to drive and then fly through the United States of America. Of course, a third game could allow players to do that, but maybe the new consoles open it to a more global road trip. It would be good to see other countries involved or see Ubisoft expand to incorporate the whole of North America.

If the game is revealed this year, it would not be surprising to launch in 2023, although that is pure speculation. At the moment, Ubisoft is juggling with a handful of games. From now on, it is expected to launch a new game based on James Cameron’s Avatar Franchise at some time this year or early next time. Ubisoft is also working on two new Assassin’s Creed games, although they are destined to be released with years of difference. Beyond that, a new Star Wars game of the study is also expected.

The Crew 3 | Incredible Features We'd LOVE To See

It is not clear if the crew 3_ could compete with Forza and great tourism, but Ubisoft seems to want to try. Are you interested in The crew 3? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

“Call of Duty” in fiscal 2023 is postponed? Instead of introducing new F2P titles of TREYARCH development … overseas report

Bloomberg reported information on the relationship between the “ Call of Duty series that the Activision was scheduled to be released 2023. It may have a big change in the style of introducing a new series of series almost every year.

According to the report, in light of the recent revenue of the series of works, some executives have come to think that some executives are considered to be too fast to release new work. The company’s latest settlement report has reported a decrease in the console and PC’s earnings, and the “Call of Duty” net reservation number has been highlighted. About such an articulation, the company’s management team thinks that the popularity of “ Call of Duty War Zone ” is affected by the “ Call of Duty War Zone “, which is offered with the title of the previous year and the basic free of charge. It is said that there is. A series of decisions is that the company’s acquisition by Microsoft is irrelevant.

EA, Blizzard, Bungie & WB Devs Demand Boycott! Sony Japan Rage, CDPR Stock Tanks 50% & Online Focus!
In addition, the latest series of series this year is mentioned in the report, and in addition to being released this fall, additional content is provided. In addition, it is planned to put online titles of F2P for this postponed hole filling, and this new title has been involved in the “ Black Ops ” series TREYARCH. There is no answer from Activision Blizzard for BLOOMBERG queries based on these information.

Although this information is provided from “detailed persons in the plan”, the media has previously reported that the Activision executive was considering the release of the series.

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