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WoW Patch 9.2.5: Ruhmstufen

Although WOW: Shadowlands already much twink-friendly is than most extensions in the past, there are still some stumbling blocks that make players struggling. One of them is undoubtedly the system of glory levels . These must be able to build up by twinks first until they really can play their full potential in the endgame. Although there is the honor badge of the mediator , but that saves only the first 40 out of 80 stages.

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Lowgers, on the other hand, must endlessly have long grapen until they have the glory levels so high that they can hold halfway. This is particularly bitter, as it is still unclear, with what chance you get in which content is glaming – from some quests.

WOW patch 9.2.5 makes a lot easier

In probably last relevant update for WoW: Shadowlands not only comes to the softening of the faction boundaries on us , but we also get a big batzen on simplifications – especially for twinks and latecomers. This includes a change in the glory levels.

  • The honor badge The mediator increases your glory level at level 60 (previously 40).
  • The preservation of glory levels is accelerated until level 60 (previously 48).
    • The following activities now give 100 percent a glory: **
    • Mythical and mythical-plus dungeons
    • Torghast Level 9 to 16
    • Defeating a Shadowlands Raid Boss
    • Win a realized battlefield

You come with patch 9.2.5 so much faster to the coveted glory levels and, in the eyes of many players even more important, know exactly what activities you can guarantee a further level can be saused. Because in this regard, there have been some crude theories and much dangerous half knowledge in the past again and again.

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That s new in Wow

In a short blog post, the developers of World of Warcraft give an overview of what it is about WoW Classic, BC and Retail (Shadowlands) and which events and content are playable or will be available soon. In Wow Shadowlands, players are looking forward to patch 9.1.5 with all his cosmetic changes, the magic tower and more. WoW-Classic players can first play the season of the championship – a faster and community feedback adapted variant of the Classic Server. In BC Classic, players have been in the new RAIDS of Phase 2 for a while and have recently been able to register with groups and battles for battlefields.

Table of contents

  1. 1play the Hearthstone mercenary mode for a mount in WoW
  2. 2Development of WoW Classic
  3. 3 development status of Wow Shadowlands

plays the Hearthstone mercenary mode for a mount in WoW

This is what new in WOW development update from 14 October 2021 (1) Source: Blizzard

Anyone who plays the short tutorial of the mercenary mode of Hearthstone receives as a reward the soil-riding casket. The mercenary mode is a kind of rogue-like RPG in single player mode and is completely free. In our guide you will learn more about the new Hearthstone mode.

Development of WoW Classic

Since the 5th of October, players have the opportunity to play the beta of the season of the championship. In the first Classic season, the phases of WOW (Buy Now 14.99 €) Classic significantly shorter, bosses become more difficult by the ban on World Buffs in the richtzug, but you make your characters out faster and soon reaches level 60 , On the beta server, the resulting experience is currently being increased by 40 percent. If you want to know more about the championship season, you can look at our review items to the Classic season.

Meanwhile, everything is running in BC Classic. The last update contained the opportunity to log in with groups and raid for battlefields. Matchmaking for players who register individually remains fair. More info about this change here: pre-made mades for BC-PVP.

Development status of Wow Shadowlands

This is new to WOW development update from 14 October 2021 (2) Source: Blizzard
Two months, the TESTREALM for Patch 9.1.5 from Wow Shadowlands is soon active. The intermediate patch ensures many revised content and features that have already been demanded in the beta of players. In addition, the update offers very many cosmetic revisions, for example, for empty elves and high-streets and brings for a short time the magic tower challenges and Legion time migrations in play. There is not an appointment for the release of Patch 9.1.5 for Wow Shadowlands.

Currently, the bonus event for pet vapors and PVP recovery six right runs in Wow Shadowlands. From October 18th to 1 November, the slidal nights start (the Halloween event). Then the PVP footprint: Arathiblizzard active and players can collect time-distorted badges in the Timewalking Dungeons of Mists of Pandaria in preparation for Legion time migrations.

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