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[Interview] Digimon, different from before, Digimon Survive

The latest film of Digimon Game Series, Digimon Surviv’s release, is not long. Unlike the existing Digimon works, which are bright and lively, they will have a very dark and depressed atmosphere.

The Digimon Survive, which was first released in July 2018, was expected by fans for its outstanding producer, the game of the game, the serious atmosphere of the game, and the differentiated graphics. After the children who were participating in field learning, they went to Digimon because they were unknown. Unlike the existing Digimon series, which has evolved as the user desired, it is characterized by the adoption of a system that changes from the breakdown of evolution and the story in the game according to the player’s choice.

Digimon Survive, which will show another figure in the Digimon series, and why is this challenging game? In a written interview with the lower Kazu Masa producer, I was able to listen to a short story. Digimon Survive will be released on July 28th as a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PCs, and the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version support Korean.

Q. The release period continued to be delayed. What is the reason.

The team in charge of the first two years was developed, but the progress was not good. As a result, the new team continued to develop, and most of the data could not be used. In the end, the development period, which was expected to be two years from the beginning, increased to four years.


Q. I chose a classic genre of text adventure and Tactics Battle. I wonder why the classic genre is mixed in the latest series.

It was decided in consideration of the fact that it is a game genre familiar to the main targets of Digimon games and a genre developed by small teams. Digimon Survive was a challenging title, so I was able to try this.

This work focuses on the text adventure, which is focused on stories rather than a nurturing game. In addition, there are eight major characters, so we adopted a strategic battle, a genre where several people can participate in the battle at the same time.

Q. What is the way to play the game of Digimon Survive?

In the text adventure part, the game is played by talking with the characters or investigating objects placed all over the background. Each chapter consists of two situations: ‘free behavior’, which develops ties with friends during the limited behavior, and ‘exploring behavior’, which is a scenario event. Strategic battles corresponding to the event occur about 2-4 times each chapter.

Q. Text adventure has a great share of the story. Please explain the story of Digimon Survive.

The story of Digimon Survive is different from the bright and positive Digimon series. Therefore, if you expect Digimon in a bright atmosphere, you can feel a little unfortunate. The characters of this work are not chosen as the main characters of the animation, but they are caught up in the end, and they are forced to make various choices in unwanted situations.

The story of the ‘Jewish’ of boys and monsters tested in such dangerous adventure is depicted in Digimon Survive. Boys and girls who came to study on-site learning suddenly caught up in the fog that occurred, and they arrived at this world where strange creatures and monsters appeared.

Suddenly, in a harsh situation thrown into danger, they are caught in fear and doubt. In the process, he raises ‘Jewish’ with monsters from another world and finds a way to survive. The player will join the game through the game.

Q. Unlike before, it is dark and heavy. Why did you make this challenging choice?

It is the same as Digimon’s royal road that children cannot return to this dangerous world where monsters run.

However, the harsh the situation, the closer the death is, and the human ego (Ego) is increasingly surfaced. The choice that falls in such a state reveals the player’s mind indirectly. We wanted to experience how the choice affects partner monsters through the game and feel immersive.

** Q. It was a story of abduction, so it would be a work for core fans. But rather, I think it might be an introductory series because it is a story that can be understood without seeing the abduction, that is, the main story.

Digimon Survive is drawn as the main character, ‘weakly’ people who would have only been supporting if they were other titles. Therefore, it may not be suitable for the introductory series. On the contrary, it can be seen as a work for those who sympathized with the perpetrators and victim characters of the sub-character-related events, not the main character, while encountering various Digimon series.

Q. I wonder how many endings in the story are prepared and how much it is play.

I think it’s about 25-40 hours per route. It depends on the text and difficulty, but it is expected to take 80 to 100 hours when clearing the entire root, including the digging elements.

Q. I wonder how many Digimon is available at the time of launch.

Digimon Survive is not a cultivation game, so it did not weigh the number of Digimon. The total number of monsters is 113.

Q. There are so many fans of Digimon in Korea. This is because I have been with Digimon as a child. Now they are adults and are waiting for Digimon Survive. I would like to give you the last greeting to Korean fans with Digimon for a long time.

As the series continued for a long time, many developments and stories appeared in Digimon. Among them, the game has the advantage of being able to play the worldview and story created by various ideas. The game is hoping for the game to bring Digimon’s new charm.

Digimon Survive is a particularly different work of Digimon games. I think it would be happy to have fun playing Korean fans who have been supporting Digimon games for a long time.

The trailer for Ninjalas story mode reveals tools, characters and levels

After a short hold-up because of the locking of COVVI-19,ninjalalastly launched on June 24 and also gets here exclusively on Switch.

The story mode will evolve over the months through comic strip panels, and also will be based on self-governing objectives rotating around ninja gum powers to explore the degrees and also battle hard enemies.

Gungho has actually released a whole brand-newninjalaofficial launch trailer that offers even more details on incoming story mode.

The game will quickly be launched on Nintendo Switch as a free fighter however, in addition to the multiplayer setting that will remain the heart of the experience, it will certainly use a story mode that gamers will need to pay $ 10 to access it.

The game will consist of a microtransactions model that will permit you to go shopping in the game, and we have grown this right here.


Depending on the level of success of gamers in the offline campaign, they will have the ability to get ninja medals to purchase expanding shinobi cards.

The trailer discloses the first look of the characters, weapons as well as degrees while the title promises to supply a dazzling mesh in betweenbrasand alsosplatoon _.

This will certainly not be restricted to the solo experience, because followers will certainly be able to unlock honors for the personalization as well as upgrade component in multiplayer mode.

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story presents his characters in song

We will not be able to reproach Square Enix for having misbevel in its catalog 2022. Filmed cinematographic survey game in real shots, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story is a good illustration.

Two months after his ad in the context of a Nintendo Direct, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story returns with a new trailer to discover the main theme, drifting fruit, compound By Yuki Hayashi and interpreted here in English by Jennifer Sumire. Taking place over 100 years, The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story tells the story of the Shijima family, a victim of many inexplicable deaths from generations to generation. A morbid and fascinating file on which Haruka Kagami has been addressed, the writer of polars converted into investigators on these four cases of murder occurring at three different times (1922, 1972 and 2022).

The realization of the game is signed Koichiro ITO, screenwriter of the excellent 428: Shibuya Scramble and Yasuhito Tachibana, producer of the Naked Director on Netflix. The structure of each case is divided into three parts: scenario, reflection and conclusion, which are detailed as well by Square ENix:

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story will be available on May 12, 2022 on PS5, PS4, Switch and Steam at 49.99 euros. The game will be doubled in Japanese, English and subtitled in eight languages, including French.


The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story | Main Theme Trailer

The Centennial Case: A Shijima Story – Trailer of the main theme

Where to find a hidden story “The greatest form of evolution” in Lost Ark

The greatest form of evolution is a hidden story in Lost Ark, which may be difficult to find even with. The most difficult thing is to find out where to look, but do not worry, because all this is lower.

Where is the story of the greatest form of evolution hidden?

The first thing you need to know is that it is located on Argentine Continent in the sources of the Stern. Go inside Hall of superiority on the eastern side of the area. For each part we have a map, so you can go through it, because the game will not provide an exact map if you use m hot key.

first hidden story

The Greatest Evolution Form in Arthetine Location in Lost Ark | Hidden Story Locations Guide

You can find the first part of this story in the northwestern part of the Hall of Exceit. Explore the place between two bookcases when you enter this room. You will be given 10 minutes to find the next part after the investigation.

Second hidden story

You can find the next hidden history in the room in the southern part of the Hall of Exceit. Inspect the area between two chairs opposite the wall between two chairs at the table. At first we had some problems with this, but you can explore this place if you retain between two chairs. After that, the timer is reset.

Third hidden story

The third part leads to the room on the eastern side of the Hall of Exceit. The room will be round with a round circuit on the floor. Explore the location where the corridor line is encountered with a circle.

Additional Lost Ark manuals see All Vista locations in Anikka in Lost Ark or Where to find a hidden story “RGM Report” in Lost Ark right here in Pro Game Guides.

Digimon Survive, Digimon Story: Bandai Namco takes stock of current projects

It would be a sweet euphemism to say that the Digimon game projects do not have such fluid way as those of a certain franchise that has just announced the release of its third major game in the space of 12 months.

Project initially announced in 2018 for an exit in 2019 but constantly postponed since, Digimon survive is the symbol of the difficulties of the franchise, which had started well the previous generation with the success of Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth. During the Digimon Con 2022 which took place last weekend, Bandai Namco took the time to evoke these delays while offering a new trailer that the publisher will make an undoubtedly soon. It is centered on the main characters in history, transported to a reminder in a kind of alternative dimension populated by monsters during their school trip in the middle of nature.

Exploration in the traditional sense still does not seem to the program: the game is a mix of textual adventure point & click and tactical clashes in turn, with a proportion of 70% for narration and 30% for The fighting, knowing that only the main passages of the story will be doubled. “The course of the adventure part is to adjust your equipment to win battles, as well as to train and prepare your Digimon in combat, while raising them upgraded in free battles. Four levels of difficulty will be available for Combats “, explained the producer Kazumasa Habu.

A history and darker themes for an audience of young adults

The latter adds that technology will also play a role in history and mechanics, including observing the surrounding area through the camera of its smartphone, a reflex that amateurs of augmented reality have probably already in the blood. “I decided to portray Digimon as a form of life of another world that can be identified and with whom one can communicate thanks to the digital gadgets of the human world”, notes the producer, who also promises a story a little Darker than usual, the game aimed primarily with young adult fans.

Digimon Survive Release Date Confirmed!? | New Digimon Con Trailer and Schedule!
Puque the Digimon are described as part of the interior of everyone, there are dark things that we do not usually see in conventional digimon works, as denying the Digimon by refusing Watch in front, or hurt the Digimon in a form of self-harm. Be warned that if you are a fan of anime or other Digimon works, you risk finding some unpleasant descriptions, “he says. By adding to that the presence of a system of relational affinity and the fact that each character seems associated with a particular creature, we understand that the shadow of Persona does not seem far.

Kazumasa Habu also explained that the delay of the game is the consequence of a change of development studio. Instead of being developed by Witchcraft, it is the Hyde Studio (Rune Factory 5) that took over the game, as indicated by the official website of Bandai Namco. In this context, we understand that the publisher now prefers to wait until the last moment before progratulations on a new release date. “_Heeping, thanks to the efforts of the new development team, we are now able to get us back on the rails and we are getting closer and closer to the end of development.”, Commented on the producer.

It is also learned that the history of Digimon survives will be cut into 12 chapters and that the player will be confronted with a junction of three roads from Chapter 8: Moral, Harmony and Anger. According to the producer, it would take between 80 and 100 hours to see all the roads and the entire secret content. Finally, it is announced that a selection of 113 monsters can be trained.


DIGIMON SURVIVE – Introductory Kinematics

The next Digimon Story is still in development

The antenna time devoted to the next Digimon Story was much shorter. It’s just if we can confirm that this title announced in December 2017 and last mentioned in September 2018 is still developing. Successor of the pretty commercial success was Digimon Story: Cyber ​​Sleuth, the game will be an opportunity to reconnect with the Digimonde and find out more about Olympos XII members who will play a central role in history.

Given the difficulties that Bandai Namco meets with the design of new digimon, maybe the salvation of the fans come from the past? This is in any case what the producer Kazumasu Habu suggests by answering a question that focuses more specifically on a possible remake / remill of the Digimon World out of PlayStation in 1999.

Spot 10.0 should offer an opportunity if you ever liked World of Warcraft

I am no different. Even though my work is below, as neutral as feasible around to report the occurrences to Snowstorm and also World of Warcraft, I will directly but that it works out beyond the video game and the developer company – consisting of all employees there.

Which is with any type of afterlife dimensions and also weird places while cool in itself, yet does not fit the atmosphere of Azeroth.

You look at it, if you link with World of Warcraft lots of remarkable years of memories, the past few months as well as the last enlargements were quite difficult to birth. Whether it was the basically unfavorable mood around Fight for Azeroth and Shadowlands or all the occurrences around the sexism detraction at Blizzard – it was not nice to look at it.

If manWorld of Warcraft ever before suched as, ought to eagerly anticipate spot 10.0 and the new extension you – that believes a minimum of the WoW Demon Cortyn of MeinMMO .

The even more the last 2 years has me disturbed. was World of Warcraft to report on some positive stories apart times, tiring. Whether it has to do with the video game was the horrible sexism detraction or the basic state of mind around – it really felt just bad at all and also there was an extremely adverse environment.

But I wish that will certainly be different with the following enhancement, which will ideally announced within the following few weeks. The clues indicate a dragon add-back – one of the original individuals of Azeroth as well as with any luck a story that something “grounded” than the story of Shadowlands.

The Story mayhem can just get better

I had very first grinned slightly buffooning, but shows up present of the most up to date indications that make good sense. It is also constant with other declarations that Patch 10.0 – that the next augmentation – will be all the child of Steve Danuser. History is most likely stand for a new beginning, or a minimum of a re-orientation of the group.

I did not have resolution, a meaningful story and also ultimately obtain any time reasonable solutions really feel. All this occurred not because Afrasiabi – pressed via the tale alone and was released without leaving a common string for the tale – according to the most up to date details.

Yet that additionally fits well with the declaration by Steve Danuser, the brand-new Tale employer at WoW, that claimed in the trailer for spot 9.2 that currently “the closure of a phase of the Warcraft legend” was.

At the same time the Afrasiabi case likewise explains a great deal. It gives an added extremely straightforward, explanation for why the tale of World of Warcraft since patch 8.3 not really feel right about. If everything not quite harmonizing extra essential facets are missed out on and you in some way get the impact that the characters are forced into circumstances that do not really suit them, as.

That the story obtains much better, I’m convinced. An essential factor here is the case around Afrasiabi. Even if not all the details are known, several indicators that the existing story is round because of Sylvanas mostly as a result of the ex-Story manager Alex Afrasiabi. The storyline is not always bad, I liked the fire of Teldrassil and also the war that arose from it.

This means, at best, new stories in a world that really feels ultimately back home, with personalities that you love.

It is no trick that this has more negative than greats as well as even one of the most dedicated fans Warcraft has frightened. Couple of suched as that the corrections officer suddenly the excellent evil that stood behind all the machinations in the Warcraft universe.

The present developers had for this shambles currently cobble together something and also that somehow makes feeling surface in Shadowlands.

Much less toothed systems – less borrowed pressure

The tough core of my guild is still there and the resources are not empty. I do not have the impression of a “dead” game. Sure, it’s not so full, as at times an addon releases – but that was not because the introduction of the sharding system.

And also if the brand-new extension truly does not such as and stays behind all assumptions – then wow it truly is worthy of, yet gradually needs to be neglected.

Spot 10.0 audios good without us understand something regarding it

There are likewise a number of points that I do not see as significantly as the “loud component of the neighborhood”. Whenever I check out that “World of Warcraft is dead,” I have to raise the eyebrows. Due to the fact that either these individuals have never ever seen a truly dead game or on their worlds and realm pools takes something completely various than me.

are ready that the designers to change that, is already revealing spot 9.2. In the current variation on the PTR one has already passed by much compulsive scab. Sure – if you want, which can additionally recoup farms online reputation, but just as an optional method, if you desire additional rewards. An affordable restriction does not exist to date.

As a PVP follower, I can not just play PVP. I need to finish the PVE project, my pact degrees, famous products in Torghast ranches, famous recipes from Dunge’s ranches, media and credibility in Korthia Grinden and ideal to see the present RAID for splinters of supremacy.

DRAGONS The NEXT Playable RACE?! - WoW 10.0 Leaks
The first brings about the following expansion – whether they are now “legitimate” or freely designed – at the very least have me positive. It made me realized that I’m still interested in exactly how it continues with Wow which my basic rate of interest is still there for a clean slate.

I really hope the programmers can convince us of the opposite. I’m at the very least cautious hopeful. And indeed, I am, without needing to have actually seen just a solitary handproof proof to spot 10.0.

I likewise assume that WOW has actually produced much great in recent years. The “legendary +” system has actually made dungeons interesting long over their real fun aspect. The various levels of trouble with RAIDS offer rewards for different gamer teams.

Whenever I review that “World of Warcraft is dead,” I have to raise the brows.

I believe it is perfectly legitimate not to return to spot 9.2 end of infinity. It is the final thought of a story that numerous just not thinking about a video game world filled with systems that do not enjoy. This can not deal with the spot all. It’s fine to omit this to set and also make clear an indicator: we do not want that and also we never ever intend to see that again in wow.

If these contents are released from other systems, enabling only those gamers to visit them that actually feel like it – it would certainly be much better.

I do not desire to take Wow in his present state not only in protection. The ever new “Borrowed Power” systems have actually been merely toxin over the years. The exact same puts on the uncontrollable toothing of even more and extra game systems that have actually developed a complicated bead in tasks in which rarely a newcomer somehow keeps an eye out.

When I log in to World of Warcraft and also not just at 4:00 in the morning on a Wednesday, after that I do not have the impression that the video game was dead. Whether it’s regarding “legendary +”, the browse through of a RAIDS, PVP battles or roleplaying – a group is conveniently discovered.

I believe, and also that is experience with complete conviction that World of Warcraft with 10.0 a switching point. Due to the fact that the story currently is coming back from a team that with any luck pulls with each other as well as the cent has ultimately dropped that players do not want to grind forever, not only. Not just because Snowstorm has in just “large clean” and fired troublesome programmers as well as not just due to the fact that 9.2 ultimately a phase of WoW concerns an end after spot that desired to see hardly any person.

Even with these systems, there are enough players who state that started the failure of WOW as well as anybody who protects this is only hanging on a large bottle of copium. If there are just alternatives that give more range as well as range as well as address various gamer kinds, tough to recognize.

Now I just miss the housing and also I am pleased…

It provides an included really basic, explanation for why the story of World of Warcraft given that spot 8.3 not really feel appropriate around. It is also consistent with various other statements that Patch 10.0 – that the next enlargement – will certainly be all the child of Steve Danuser. I believe, and also that is experience with full sentence that World of Warcraft with 10.0 a turning point. Not only since Blizzard has in just “huge clean” as well as discharged problematic programmers and also not simply because 9.2 lastly a phase of WoW comes to an end after spot that wanted to see rarely any individual.

I additionally think that because my confidence in the present developer group is still fairly high. This is not simply concerning spot 9.2, but merely the feeling of what the communication of Snowstorm is presently in concern.

Due to the fact that I really think that patch 10.0 is the last possibility for World of Warcraft to get pertinent again, especially. Since the last few years have shown the followers as well as doubters painfully that a regulation in fact applies, the warcraft has shown us numerous years ago: No king guidelines for life.

Every person that looked at World of Warcraft in current years as a crucial game as well as delighted in for a lengthy time, should at least totally come close to the next expansion and try to get entailed in whatever.

How long does the Death Stranding game last

If you are still not sure to buy Death Stranding and you want to know how much you will have for your money, then you are in the right place. In this guide, we will tell you how long the game and what you will do all this time while avoiding the revelers.

Death Stranding - Before You Buy

How long does the Death Stranding game last?

Death Stranding should take you between 45 and 50 hours to understand the main story. This time will be extended if you decide that you like to deliver one of the live cargoes scattered in the world of the game.

Most of your time in the game will be dedicated to deliveries, but you can also devote a lot of time to establish your rank and relationships with the many game distribution centers. There are many small tasks to Doing in the game that do not match the main story. You can easily get a dozen overall hours of play if you like what you do, a bit like other open world games.

The story is spread over 14 episodes that you will have to finish completing the story of Sam Porter Bridges and his quest to restore contact with America. For the most part, the game boils down to it. You carry a cargo, you avoid the BTS and you learn the devastating event that took place and which led to the failure of death.

The time you will pass with the game will also depend on your preparation for your travels. If you bring a lot of equipment like scales and ways to build bridges and other objects you will need, you should be able to follow quite brave routes, reducing the time you have. You could also have luck and find paths already drawn by other players.

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