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How to get Bluemeramon in Digimon Survive

If you thought that Meramon was the coolest Digimon that you have ever seen, wait until you cross with Bluemeramon! This is an analogue of the champion-level Meramon, which causes the enemies double damage. This leadership will tell in detail about Bluemeramon, his whereabouts and how to make friends with him in Digimon Survive.

How to recruit and make friends with Bluemeramon


Players will be able to find Bluemeramon when they pass half the game plot and go to Part 6. Bluemeramon is undoubtedly the most epic look of Digimon, which we faced when playing Digimon Survive. The body is covered with frosty blue flame, and performance is even stronger than that of a mercemon, how much can it be perfect?

It belongs to the highest level and has some dangerous attacks such as Ice Phantom, Cold Flame, Ice Bomb, Vision Blinder and MP Magic. Moreover, he freezes his enemies to death and guarantees that no one will be spared when he shares the battlefield.

At the beginning of part 6, the players will go to the free battles of the second island and will meet with Blumeramon along with Falcomon, Montzaemon and Ethemon.

However, keep in mind that as soon as Falcomon runs away, Bluemeramon will also stop appearing, so players may want to make friends with Bluemeramon as the first task at the entrance to Part 6. If you miss the opportunity, you can always go to Part 7. Where you often You will see this Digimon with an ice flame.

After you encountered Bluemeramon and fought with him in battle, it was time to answer his questions. Bluemeramon will ask you a total of three questions, each of which has four answer options, but only one of them is the correct answer.

The best answers

Each correct answer gives you two points; You will need a few more to have the right to ask Bluemeramon to become your friend. Here are the possible questions that he will ask you, and the best answers to them, if you want to catch it.

Q1. I do not want to do anything but funny things! Are you right too?

A: I’m not like you.

Q2. ‘This is my territory! Leave a little food and get out of here!

A: I’ll think about it.

Q3. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Graaaaaa! Any other will only get in my way!

A: This is a crazy conversation.

Q4. ‘Did you know? Take a nap after you stuffed your face, just the best!

A: This is bad for your intestines.

Q5: I will destroy you! Guahahahaha!

A: Scary! But I will win.

Q6: Wow… When I wait, I want to go crazy!

A: [Stare in amazement.]

Q7: Are you not fragile in appearance. Do you eat enough meat?

A: I prefer vegetables.

How to get a diatrimon in Digimon Survive

Diarimon is an old bird type Digimon. This is a very aggressive creature. It may look weak, but this creature has very powerful legs. Its wings are not so strong as to fly, but its legs are so strong that a diatrimon can run at a speed of 200 km/h. Fruiting a bird, which is always so energetic that it scares its opponents. In this leadership, we will explain how to find and make friends with a diatrimon for your group in Digimon Survive.

how to recruit and make friends with diatrimon

DiatryMon is one of the best early Digimons that can be recruited in Digimon Survive thanks to the proposed digilations. Thus, you do not want to miss the opportunity to make friends with it.

You can make friends with a diatrimone only after passing the 4th part of the main plot. This old bird will appear in the free combat zone of the entertainment park. In this area you can also find many other digimons, but if you are specifically looking for Birdramon, then Diatrymon is your best choice.

Diarimon is a slightly narcissistic bird that is proud of its huge abilities. So he likes people who share the same thinking and recognize the power of the diatrimon. Just keep in mind that every time you raise her opinion, recognizing everything that this old bird says.

There is a scale above the creature, which is filled as you answer his questions. Each question fills the strip in different ways. So you need to fill it out at least 50%so that the creature can make friends with you. The larger the strip is filled, the higher the chance to make friends with this creature. The same is with a diatrimon.

The best answers

The diatrimon will ask you a few questions (which are given below), and you will have to answer them. You will have four options, among which you will need to choose 1. If you choose the right option, the strip will be filled to a greater extent, which will allow you to recruit a diatrimon and make friends with it in Digimon Survive.

Q1. I do not want to do anything but funny things! Are you right too?

A: Even more than you

Q2. This is my lawn, leave a little food and get out of here!

A: I will think about it

** Q3. Arrgh! Mutaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


A: ‘[Let it Simmer Down.]’

Question: 4 Did you know? It is best to take a nap after filling your face!

A: Thank you for the lesson.

Q5. I will crush you! Guahahahaha!

A: Scary, but I will win.

q6: Urrgh, expectation drives me crazy!

A: I know what you mean.

Q7. Are you not fragile in appearance? Do you eat enough meat?

A: I eat everything!

As soon as you answer all questions correctly and your level of success is high, you can finally make friends with the diatrimon and take it with you to your future adventures.

The new Digimon Survive trailer deepens its gameplay

Less than a month after its launch, Digimon Survive has published a new trailer focused on its gameplay. The title, which is presented as a mixture of Visual Novel with tactical fighting in turn, which will allow us to speak in the middle of the action with both friends and enemies. You will not be able to withdraw anything from what you say, so choose carefully, we hear in the advance, your answers will affect karma, affinity between characters and digievolutions. Talking with our allies during combat will allow us to access a whole series of different power ups while debating with enemies can directly avoid the confrontation.


Despite its rugged development, which has resulted in a change of study and three delays over 2020 and 2021, the title distributed by Bandai Namco and produced by Kazumasa Habu intends to be a solid game that breaks with the usual tradition of the saga. The protagonist, Takuma Momozuka is a young man who, during a school excursion, ends up being dragged into a mysterious and full of monsters where he and his friends will meet his partner Digimon: «This is the first time that the monsters, who used to have An ethereal existence can interact with people in the modern world. In addition, since the target audience will be the adult followers who are accustomed to playing, the story will be darker, said their creators a few months ago.

Among the details you know about the game is its duration-about 40 hours-and its rejugability through three very different routes determined by parameters such as the morality of our decisions, our understanding of harmony in the world and our management of the points of the points of gonna.

Digimon Survive will be available on July 29 at PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S .

[Interview] Digimon, different from before, Digimon Survive

The latest film of Digimon Game Series, Digimon Surviv’s release, is not long. Unlike the existing Digimon works, which are bright and lively, they will have a very dark and depressed atmosphere.

The Digimon Survive, which was first released in July 2018, was expected by fans for its outstanding producer, the game of the game, the serious atmosphere of the game, and the differentiated graphics. After the children who were participating in field learning, they went to Digimon because they were unknown. Unlike the existing Digimon series, which has evolved as the user desired, it is characterized by the adoption of a system that changes from the breakdown of evolution and the story in the game according to the player’s choice.

Digimon Survive, which will show another figure in the Digimon series, and why is this challenging game? In a written interview with the lower Kazu Masa producer, I was able to listen to a short story. Digimon Survive will be released on July 28th as a PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PCs, and the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch version support Korean.

Q. The release period continued to be delayed. What is the reason.

The team in charge of the first two years was developed, but the progress was not good. As a result, the new team continued to develop, and most of the data could not be used. In the end, the development period, which was expected to be two years from the beginning, increased to four years.


Q. I chose a classic genre of text adventure and Tactics Battle. I wonder why the classic genre is mixed in the latest series.

It was decided in consideration of the fact that it is a game genre familiar to the main targets of Digimon games and a genre developed by small teams. Digimon Survive was a challenging title, so I was able to try this.

This work focuses on the text adventure, which is focused on stories rather than a nurturing game. In addition, there are eight major characters, so we adopted a strategic battle, a genre where several people can participate in the battle at the same time.

Q. What is the way to play the game of Digimon Survive?

In the text adventure part, the game is played by talking with the characters or investigating objects placed all over the background. Each chapter consists of two situations: ‘free behavior’, which develops ties with friends during the limited behavior, and ‘exploring behavior’, which is a scenario event. Strategic battles corresponding to the event occur about 2-4 times each chapter.

Q. Text adventure has a great share of the story. Please explain the story of Digimon Survive.

The story of Digimon Survive is different from the bright and positive Digimon series. Therefore, if you expect Digimon in a bright atmosphere, you can feel a little unfortunate. The characters of this work are not chosen as the main characters of the animation, but they are caught up in the end, and they are forced to make various choices in unwanted situations.

The story of the ‘Jewish’ of boys and monsters tested in such dangerous adventure is depicted in Digimon Survive. Boys and girls who came to study on-site learning suddenly caught up in the fog that occurred, and they arrived at this world where strange creatures and monsters appeared.

Suddenly, in a harsh situation thrown into danger, they are caught in fear and doubt. In the process, he raises ‘Jewish’ with monsters from another world and finds a way to survive. The player will join the game through the game.

Q. Unlike before, it is dark and heavy. Why did you make this challenging choice?

It is the same as Digimon’s royal road that children cannot return to this dangerous world where monsters run.

However, the harsh the situation, the closer the death is, and the human ego (Ego) is increasingly surfaced. The choice that falls in such a state reveals the player’s mind indirectly. We wanted to experience how the choice affects partner monsters through the game and feel immersive.

** Q. It was a story of abduction, so it would be a work for core fans. But rather, I think it might be an introductory series because it is a story that can be understood without seeing the abduction, that is, the main story.

Digimon Survive is drawn as the main character, ‘weakly’ people who would have only been supporting if they were other titles. Therefore, it may not be suitable for the introductory series. On the contrary, it can be seen as a work for those who sympathized with the perpetrators and victim characters of the sub-character-related events, not the main character, while encountering various Digimon series.

Q. I wonder how many endings in the story are prepared and how much it is play.

I think it’s about 25-40 hours per route. It depends on the text and difficulty, but it is expected to take 80 to 100 hours when clearing the entire root, including the digging elements.

Q. I wonder how many Digimon is available at the time of launch.

Digimon Survive is not a cultivation game, so it did not weigh the number of Digimon. The total number of monsters is 113.

Q. There are so many fans of Digimon in Korea. This is because I have been with Digimon as a child. Now they are adults and are waiting for Digimon Survive. I would like to give you the last greeting to Korean fans with Digimon for a long time.

As the series continued for a long time, many developments and stories appeared in Digimon. Among them, the game has the advantage of being able to play the worldview and story created by various ideas. The game is hoping for the game to bring Digimon’s new charm.

Digimon Survive is a particularly different work of Digimon games. I think it would be happy to have fun playing Korean fans who have been supporting Digimon games for a long time.

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