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Valorant: Crueltys team hits Border Monster in the northern VCT

We resume the action in the LATAM VCT, starting with the clashes in the northern zone where the teams are still looking to position themselves in a better place in the table, we have seen that Fade has been a resource that the squads have managed to use very good way inside The clashes will have to do with what things will surprise us this week after the break they had.

Cruelty is not from the mounstros

The first series placed Border Monsters against Team Cruelty on a Map of Haven where Ryu would do a pretty good job when using an OMEN that allowed punishing in the attack but the team of the monsters would not release The first half managing to achieve a 6-6 in the first half, for the change of roles the cruel defense would do its work phenomenally so as not to allow entries to the rival taking a great advantage that would make the rivals suffer leaving a advantage of very important rounds that would leave the map with a 13-6.

In the second map that would be Icebox things seemed now more favorable for the cruelty team taking heavy weapons at the first opportunity they found with a Ryu that took a viper that would make suffer Again, his rivals achieving a 8-4, in the change of sides we see the team of poorly positioned monsters in their attack and the cruels took the opportunity to take the last round rounds in their favor by closing the map 13-5. **

Fusion Double to the Green Wave

The second series put Fusion against Six Karma on a map of bind where the green wave suffered a little in the first rounds but thanks to Matis they managed to put things a little more couples managing A 7-5, in the change of sides Fusion would play with an aggressive style that put their rivals against the ropes without letting a round in the defense could place, thus achieving the first map to Your favor.

Observer rage quits VCT qualifier after witnessing insane shot during Border Monster vs Ryze Gaming

For the second map we will go to Haven where the fusion would They will separate a lot with a 10-2, changing from sides closer wake up to be able In his favor with a 13-8.

Thus ends the action of yesterday in the north, leaving two clear winners within the competition, Team Cruelty and Fusion took the head of their rivals to achieve some points within the tournament, a great performance of the teams From the north that put the table differently, the action follows today to see how positions are this week.

Previous vice

Martin “Rekkles” Larsson is among the most popular European players Inleague of Legends. With Fnatic he won the highest possible European league, the LEC, and even ended up being vice world champion. In 2022 he remarkably transferred to the 2nd department as well as instantly obtained the most important title.

Just how did it last for Rekkles?

hard begin in the toughest second league in Europe.

  • Rekkles was an important component of the Fnatic team from 2015 to 2020. With this he won the LEC playoffs 4 times and was also able to encourage at the World Championships. In 2015 they reached 3/4, 2018 even 2nd area and also in 2019 and 2020 they came at the very least to the quarter -finals.
  • For the 2021 season, Rekkles then chose to change to the G2 eSports team. The recent years have controlled Europe and got to 2nd place in 2019 and also a minimum of the semi -finals in 2020. They currently wished to construct a European incredibly team and also lastly end up being globe champs.
  • Yet the period went horribly incorrect. The Botlaner did not fit into the framework of the team, which usually rely upon very aggressive steps. Rekkles was more of a tactical player that depend on his toughness in the endgame. It was inadequate for a national title or the qualification for the Globe Mug.
  • At the end of 2021, Rekkles surprised everybody with a modification to the second division. He went to Karmine Corp, the greatest team of the French LFL.
  • However the beginning went anything yet well. Only with problem they got to the European Masters, a competition in which the best groups from all 2nd organizations satisfy in Europe Rekkles was able to encourage again in this affordable situation.

Exactly how did the period go? The normal split was not that negative for Karmine Corp. They reached second area behind LDLC OL, the eSports team from Olympique Lion. In the normal league in 18 video games they had to take 6 defeats. Numerous fans thought that the period with Rekkles would certainly be a certain -fire success.

A bitter trouble complied with in the playoffs. Against LDLC you shed the ending of the top braces and also dropped right into the Lower Bracket. There you had to defeat BDS Academy to jump on. They shed precisely this suit and just reached 3rd place-actually too little for the top team.

This also made sure that they did not get approved for the European Masters directly, yet had to go through a play-in competition.

_ An the EU Masters also took part in the German LOL team Eintracht Spandau von Handofblood: _

In the end, both groups were 5: 1 and also each won a win versus each various other. In the decision-making match, nonetheless, the Rekkles team prevailed, many thanks additionally to a strong peformance from her Botlaner.

In the final this weekend they met LDLC OL, the team that won the split and playoffs in France and also included several defeats to Karmine Corp.

In the K.O stage, they initially beat the German Team Unicorns of Live Sexy Version and after that vitality.bee, also a French team.

Just how regarding the EU Masters? The Play-in event won Karmine Corp 6-0 in her team.

Karmine Corp wins EU Masters, particularly many thanks to Rekkles

** Exactly how did the final go out? Ultimately, LDLC had 4 eliminates and about 5,000 gold much more, that was very little.

  • Rekkles has the very best KDA (Kill/Death/Assist) from all gamers of the event at 13.3.
  • He has the very best ranch price (10.5 minions per min).
  • He remained in 87.5 % of the video games at 15 minutes clearly ahead of his direct challenger in the Botlane.
  • He also gets to a quadra kill (only Deadly began 2 quadra eliminates) as well as 11 dual eliminates (ideal worth).

Round 2 likewise began even more positively for LDLC. The guilty dragon for Karmine Corp transformed the suit upside down. Suddenly they won the team battles and were gradually tearing the base.

What was striking in the competition? Three out of 4 groups in the semi -finals originated from France and also the last was just held in between French groups.
France is presently controling the leagues below the LEC.
The German groups regrettably removed weaker than wished for.
Eintracht Spandau even stopped working in the team phase, with vitality.bee (a French team) and also Ago Rogue (only semi -finalist who did not come from France) strong opponents:.
LOL team from Handofblood fails in the group phase of the European Cup-in completion reveals morality.

  • Rekkles was an essential part of the Fnatic team from 2015 to 2020. * For the 2021 period, Rekkles after that chose to switch to the G2 eSports team. In the end, both groups were 5: 1 as well as each won a win against each various other. In the decision-making suit, however, the Rekkles team prevailed, thanks additionally to a solid peformance from her Botlaner.

Karmine Corp also secured the suits 3 and 4, which at the exact same time suggested triumph in the EU Masters Springtime 2022. Another EU Masters will certainly take location in summer.

Just how high was the percentage of Rekkles in the victory? Extremely high (via Gol.GG):.

France dominates EU Masters.

VA - Masters Of Hardcore Presents Masters In The Mix Vol. 2 (2015)
Unexpectedly they won the team fights and were progressively tearing the base.

For Karmine Corp, it is the third profit of the EU Masters straight.

Wild Rift: Leviathan and Ebro Gaming dominate the south scene

Continuing the emotions in the wild crack but now in the southern region we had four titans who would seek to move on to the next instance where it would be face-to-face to define who would become the champion of the Latin region.

Team Secret vs eBRO Gaming - Horizon Cup 2021 | EBG vs TS

Starting the southern games, we saw Furious Gaming against Leviathan, a first map that began calmly playing to Farmear and getting gold to benefit from possible items for team fights trusting Thiago “Kite” Rodriguez used a vayne with which they were put in mortal mode getting good low and despite the dragons achieved by ** matias “ek0” wall.

The second map would be a little more even due to the style of play that both teams proposed, waiting for any error to punish as quickly as possible, in the middle part Francisco “Prusher” Junco would be a pillar to keep rivals at bay when using a A Kayle quite fearsome, however, in a team fight by the dragon, the Levianeta better raised the positioning to exterminate its rivals and take 2-0 in the series.

A third map that could be the end of the skull but without letting out the mood put everything in the game, starting to generate pressure for the lanes with the Jax of Facundo “Libra” of Larrosam who did a very good Split Push job and with the selection of kayle again for prusher , the team of furious managed to create a good strategy that put against the ropes to leviathan cutting the first head and leaving the Series 2-1.

When we arrived at the Fourth Map we saw that the Levianeta was not happy with what was happening when seeing the selection of Fizz for Lucas “LMEsh” Tobala who would take the rotations to find murders for his team and manage to teach who was in front of the Fish along with the damage that kite put using Senna gradually began to leave the skull without teeth to hit them a 3-1 and take the pass to the next round.

The second series of the day was put to ace1 face to face against Ebro Gaming starting a first map where we saw the Ninjas team managing to compete as equally in the first minutes of play and wanting to dominate but things were complicated due to Vicente ” Ebudy “SAA who used the sacrifice to be decisive within the fights, managing to turn around in the final fight and get the first victory of the series.

On the second map we saw that That benefited him in a good way and being the turning point inside the map, reaching a lot of space for his team to fight the second scenario.

A third map that put things from scratch, the Lions team was the one who was beginning to bite strongly by achieving a starting advantage that allowed them to take the lanes in a better way, with a fight in Baron that proposed ACE1 And insured by natasha things seemed in favor of the ninjas, the lion was still an advantage but the hunts made Ninja techniques will work better to take victory.

The fourth game was a similar story from the lions that took aggression as its main measure, in a game of wild crack where time goes flying while trying to trace a series when seeing like Joselo “Joselo” To throw all the baron’s lane and in a fight for the dragon play in good way the definitive ones to close the map at minute 12.

Coming at last with a five issue that would be all or nothing to be able to advance within the tournament where tom with a veigago would be quite forceful with the power of the yordle to achieve a very good lane control but Joselo would repeat his great work in the jungle to be able to take the goals brutally and give the end to the stage in favor of Ebro.

So I finished the first day in the southern area of Wild Rift, with large items that were sometimes very fast and other complicated, with defined winners we can expect the following days to remain equally intense to see the most muscular thumbs in the region fight For more.

National Team | Series gone, hardening test successful: DFB

Hansi Flick and Louis van Gaal clapped satisfied, and also on the lawn prevailed according to the football classic under the DFB and Oranje-Stars exuberant mood. Because the appearance made courage.

Even if Flicks’s winning streak is torn, the faith remains on a successful football World Cup remains. After a long dominant appearance in the prestigdue with archrival Holland was the 1: 1 (1: 0) in Amsterdam at the end of a fair result. After the 43th World Countries of Thomas Müller (45. + 1) David room would have increased to 2-0 right after the break at a large chance.

When the Dutchman then turned on, the German team also needed luck. Shortly after the compensation by Steven Bergwijn (68th), the English referee Craig Pawson took a bit of a faulfämeter after video proof. Thilo Kehrer had met Holland’s attacker Memphis deepay in the penalty area in the trial at the foot of the foot. The draw was happily happy.

“For the viewers, it was a top game with a high intensity,” Flick said and praised his team, “It’s nice as she plays football. The way is refreshing. She is brave. With the 1: 1 we can be satisfied with the 1: 1, The draw is justice. “

Although Flick in his ninth game as a national coach could no victory for the first time, he can look forward to the draw of the World Cup groups on April 1st in Katar’s capital Doha. Four years after the preliminary round in Russia, the DFB team, which continues to Portugal only in Lostopf two sorted two, do not fear a heavy group.

NEW: “We are on a very good way”

“The direction is right. It has noticed that we can not only keep up, but can also dominate. The feeling of itself is good,” said scorer Müller and supplemented: “We wanted to win the 2-0 after halftime. From the 60th minute we lost the control until 85. That’s a bit annoying, but also logical on the way, where we tumble. “

Captain Manuel new also moved a good conclusion. “On the way to Qatar we have to use every test. It was the first big team, against which we have played and the over long stretches neatly. We could also have been a winner from the square. We had half an hour, where we did not have half an hour The upper hand had, “newly said,” We have a good character, we are self-confident. I think we are on a very good way. “

Germany Flick A Switch: Die Mannschaft finding their mojo
At the first major World Cup test before around 50,000 spectators, the German team also stuck high-profile failures long. So from the Bavaria block in Joshua Kimmich, Leon Goretzka, Niklas Süle and Serge Gnabry four potential family forces. Flick created new options such as the U21 European Champion Nico Schlotterbeck and David Room in the defense or Jamal Musiala. The Bayern talent played up naughty on the Kimmich position in the defensive midfield and prepared the gate of Müller. The 32-year-old moved in the eternal DFB scorer list with honorary players Uwe Seeler.

Musiala convinced as a representative of Kimmich

“We want to go back to the world top,” Flick had formulated his claim diffraction before the “degree knife” against the eternal rivals and demanded a courageous appearance. The coach also commanded his team. However, the former Bayern coach got in mind that the German team under pressure is quite error prone.

There was no speech from a friendly game. In an intensive game, the DFB selection in black played initially highly concentrated. With high pressing, the Dutch raided for its offensive qualities, the Holländer was often set by the other time on its own penalty area. Oranje lurked instead – very unfamiliar – on counter. The signal had already given Flick with his list. The offensive Musiala represented Kimmich on the sixposition and knew very much to convince.

The 19-year-old not only introduced the leadership hit, but solved his task – times technically, sometimes bodybone – very cleverly. More Bayern Power had prescribed the national coach to the German game compared to the 2-0 against Israel. In the goal manuel new, Müller and Leroy Sané returned to the starting eleven. Müller and Sané also provided the first scorchance of the DFB team in the twelfth minute after fine interaction.

43. Country Game Tor for Müller

Gladbach: Jonas Hofmann hopes for lightning

Jonas Hofmann is indispensable for Borussia Mönchengladbach this season. The goal-threatening player in the squad is currently missing due to a muscle fabric, which he had drawn in training. The 29-year-old hopes for a fast comeback and further opportunities in the national team.

Darts | Hoffi vs. Hoppi | Spiel 1
At Gladbacher 2: 0 victory against Hertha BSC, Jonas Hofmann was damned to watch – a rare picture, the German international in the team of coach Adi Hütter is one of the few permanent burners. Due to a knee surgery, Hofmann was missing in this season longer. Now followed the second setback.

First fears, Hofmann could be missing the Borussia in the same number of important parts of the next weeks, but only partially confirm. “Fortunately, it’s not that bad,” he gave a goal-threatening midfielder in conversation with “picture” light all-clear.

In addition to the game against the Berliner last weekend, the legal foot may possibly miss a league game. So he will certainly not be from the match next Friday against VfL Bochum (20:30 pm / Dazn).

Gladbach-Profi Hofmann remains optimistic

The plan of Jonas Hofmann: “If everything runs optimally, and I hope, of course, I could already be back against Mainz on April 3.”

Bitter, however, for the Gladbacher that assignments for the German national team in the upcoming country game phase are not in it. First, the team of national coach Hansi Flick plays against Israel (March 26), then in the Netherlands (March 29). Under Flick, Hofmann had already been used seven times in the past international matches (two goals). The versatile rail players also used as a right-back.

Although he will not release his business card at the end of March and operate self-promotion in the race for a World Cup ticket, Hofmann remains confident. “I think I’ve played neat in the last games in the DFB and Borussia. That’s why I assume that I will be back in June at the next DFB games.”

Then Germany plays among others in the Nations League in Gladbacher Stadium, when European champion Italy (June 14) is guest.

Lost Ark: The boss agates you defeat with these ideas

In the Raid you must draw with a team of 4 gamers as well as take surge grenades. These explosives are very important for the mechanics of the one in charge.

The Boss Agates is an excellent challenge for the players Inlost Ark.

** What is that for a boss? He is the last boss of the RAID level 3, so you have to have actually currently beat the employers of step 1 and also 2.

The main technicians:

When he initiates his major auto mechanics, * Agates ends up being invulnerable and teleports a bit much.
* He develops a guard around him, which lit in a particular color. Blue, green or orange. The color modifications continuously.
* At the same time, statuaries appear in the three shades around him. Currently you have to throw the splinters of the corresponding indication shade on agates.
* His shield is damaged, he chooses a brief time to the ground as well as circles appear around his wings. All four team members have to swiftly toss an explosive grenade. Also strikes, which bring the boss to stumble, work at this moment.
* If you do not take care of to ruin the shield in time, agates review in his berserker setting. He lights white and aligns very strong location damages, which is why you must rapidly lack Distance.

Achates Guide Mechanics for Raid Guardian Gatekeeper of Feiton

Better attacks of agates:

The other assaults of the boss is also to be prevented. Agates utilizes some more abilities till he can use his primary mechanics again.

Inevitably, her, up until agates duplicated his Main Auto mechanic to damage his shield as well as to hurt him.

Agates is just one of the greatest bosses that fulfill you in Lost Ark. Are not aggravated if it does not function straight at the start. Makes you in peace with his mechanics.

  • Over 2 team members, light signals show up, one in red, one in blue. In order not to be attacked, you have to do away with the signals promptly. For regarding 3 secs, the two players encounter each other and reduce the effects of the colors over their heads.
  • Amongst you, a white circle where you need to go out to no fire damage. Even team participants can violate this circle among you, so relocate far from them.
  • Drifts the white breath of in charge. Who does not make it, is hurt and additionally gets the white circle amongst themselves.
  • When agates roars, the span drifts. You will get a debuff otherwise, whereby you recognizes less damage momentarily.
  • Around the boss might appear a distance that resembles a sliced pizza. In the pizza piece or outside the span you are safe in front of his attack.

You will get 2 accessories, abilities as well as upgrade product if your agates have effectively beat. You can additionally get the collective card of agates, runes as well as engraving books.

Have you currently defeated him and perhaps more useful ideas in parat? Compose us in the comments below on MeinMMO!

Agates is one of the greatest managers that fulfill you in Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Guides: All suggestions, techniques and integrates in the overview.

The Boss Agates is a wonderful difficulty for the players Inlost Ark. What is that for a boss? It is one of the strongest employers that satisfy you in Lost Ark. He is the last boss of the RAID degree 3, so you have to have currently defeated the bosses of step 1 and also 2.

Wolfsburger Frust instead of a sensation I know what you did not do last summer

The England national football team has actually represented England in worldwide football since the very first international match in 1872. It is managed by The Football Association (FA), the governing body for football in England, which is affiliated with UEFA and also comes under the international jurisdiction of globe football’s governing body FIFA. England contends in the three major worldwide events disputed by European countries: the FIFA Globe Cup, the UEFA European Championship, as well as the UEFA Nations League.
England is the joint earliest national team in football. It played worldwide’s initial global football suit in 1872, versus Scotland. England’s house ground is Wembley Stadium, London, and its training headquarters is St George’s Park, Burton upon Trent. The team’s manager is Gareth Southgate.
England is just one of eight countries to have won the Globe Cup. England has qualified for the World Cup 15 times. It won the 1966 World Cup Final, an event it likewise organized, as well as ended up fourth in both 1990 and 2018. England has never ever won the European Championship, with its finest efficiency to date being runners-up in 2020. As a constituent nation of the UK, England is not a member of the International Olympic Committee and also so does not complete at the Olympic Gaming. England is presently the only team to have won the World Cup yet not won any type of major continental title at senior degree, as well as the only non-sovereign entity to have actually won the World Cup.

The initial situation appeared better than ever. VFL Wolfsburg had recovered from the chaotic years in the cellar table, qualified last May for the first time since 2015 again for the Champions League, could therefore despite the Corona pandemic and its impact on the football business as one of the few clubs in the Bundesliga invest so right. Barnaul, Goldschmidt, the Meccas Philipp Lukebakio, Franck, van de Even — managing director Jo erg Schmidt and sporting director Marcel Schaefer arrived tidy in the transfer market, considered the success squad together. For they had big plans: Our goal remains underlined former professional shepherd who has become the voice and face of the Wolfsburg-based leadership, that we qualify for the European Cup in the Champions League and the Cup we want for make a splash.

Now, a few months later, is no longer remained much of this project. A faulty substitution made in the Cup for the embarrassing off in the first round, the Europa end ensued. Before the disappointing crowd of 6544 spectators VFL stumbled on Wednesday night at probably the most important game of the recent club history (Florian Krefeld) from the pinnacle, finished as balanced as weak as Group G Table. Trustees pure. Furor? Funding. At the end there was only one victory at home to Salzburg (2: 1), everything else was skimmed footballing fare.

And thus the normal state in recent months. Real euphoria was already not risen around when it comes to re-awakened giant, almost traditionally always sets itself a leg just really into running. 2009 after the Championship and 2015 after the German Cup victory and the runner-up title went then each almost to the second league. And now? Currently, threatens the gray mediocrity. Even the last successful season ended only manageable cheerful despite the premier class qualification, the chewing gum poker about the future of coach Oliver Glaser was the mood killer.

But the Austrians had around after all stills made in all interpersonal problems around the lawn for that because a team was on the court, the hurt any opponent. If his successor After Krefeld now in a three-day cycle almost a matter begs that his team should at least bring intensity and aggressiveness on the field, then you know that recently many things broke down. The pure will against Lille, forcing the victory in this final so important? I would, I definitely wanted Krefeld talks around midnight from a phrase that says it all.

team its Spirit lost, unity, power and greed have given way

The team has lost its spirit, its unity, power and greed are gone from the squad as the air from a previously plump balloon. To push all this now Mark van Rommel in the shoes, would be far too simple. Each player has obviously struggling with himself, is far from the normal form. The bosses Schmidt and Shepherd mistaken fatal when choosing Glaser’s successor, corrected earlier this misconception that Krefeld now barely a few weeks to straighten can. I know what you last summer did not do — that can be overwritten the previous VFL season.

The new coach puts it diplomatically: We need to remind ourselves of what can make us strong — keyword intensity. For the other play areas we have lack the automation. They are not to train in such a short time. Failures of preparation, wanted to implement its possession style of van Rommel. Unsuccessfully — while there had been players who early recognized the danger and the risk. And so the Pressing- and Umschaltmannschaft lost its force with Xavier Sch lager (torn ACL) on top of a key player — currently is the team for virtually nothing. And is apparently unable to lift themselves out of this mess. It is significant is that it is ultimately especially the 19-year-old Aster Franck, who resists the inertia in VFL game.

Krefeld: It is my job to radiate positive energy

With a view of the second half, it almost seems like an advantage that the Lower Saxony can now focus on the league. Coach Krefeld now has to save this season and be careful not to be obtained emotionally from his Welder past when he could not free himself from the negative song. The football teacher wins through the dance on only one wedding at least training sessions on the exercise place. But he also has to convince the team of his idea, he apparently does not overburden them, he has to bring the simplicity of football game at the moment. It’s my job to score positive energy and try to solve these problems, he says.

The conviction that the 39-year-old can bring the VFL back to the frontman is still there. Krefeld demands more courage in all team areas, but even chose the careful variant against Lille, with Out Warhorse and Luca Goldschmidt first only two offensive players. A few weeks ago, he recalls at the end of October, when I started here, it looked as if it could go quickly in the right direction. And now? You already realize that a few things are there, which requires some time. Time that is hardly available.

LOL The 5 forgotten players in this signing market

All is not yet official, but the transfer market League of Legends is being all crazy. While things have also moved into Asia with China and South Korea, the Western market has not been left out. In Europe, between KC Reckless Fanatic still turns everything upside down and Vitality Team is building a team to take up arms, we are not at all boring. However, everything has been happiness during this transfer period, as several large legendary players of the competitive scene have fallen out. With the information we have today, we have made a list of the 5 major Western players forgotten but potentially transferable. Black Friday is over, but there are still great deals available on the market in the West.

Jensen once again overshadowed by Bergen

During most of his career, Jensen was exceeded by Bergen; the two players have a lot in common: They are Europeans, they are Danes emigrated to the United States and play in the Midland. We must recognize that the old icon TSM has often won most of the tournaments. With the withdrawal of Bergen, it was thought that Jensen had a free hand to finally throw down this myth, but the concern is that the retired is back and also returning to competition has bitten the position of Jensen in Team Liquid. The fate persists, and although he had lengthened the end of 2020 with a juicy contract, he will have to wait on the bench.

Why you not have teamed he ? It is certainly debatable, but Jensen suffers from comparison with Bergen. While money is not a big problem in NA, the contract it was not enough to protect it from the main competition.
Why you are a quality player? Jensen is very experienced and has played quite internationally. He would be good for any team in the LCS and could find it quickly in the first team if Bergen ever disappoints.

Risky, the strangest case of all

Who Is The LOWEST RANKED Player In League of Legends?

I really do not know how to call this case, as we doubt whether it is a scandal, a crime or misconduct. How Midland Risky is without a starting spot next year? Last Worlds were hard for him and Fanatic, but 2021 is still more than satisfactory. The Belgian has shown that he has the level to succeed in both NA (Cloud9) and EU and the international experience of it (2 participation in Worlds ) is also invaluable. At 23, he is still relatively young and profile it is very interesting on paper. But we have the impression that Fanatic and Cloud9, the last two teams it, have given the word to spoil the transfer market it. Orange and black structure decided it aside to make room for Humanoid. It is when C9 pledged to buy back the contract it, but the operation would have missed 50 thousand dollars for a player like Risky. The Belgian lost time and then no more space left in LEC or LCS.

Why he does not have equipment? Because Fanatic and C9 made it very sold.
Why is a quality player? Gifted, popular, positive and experienced. Free flowing qualities when it comes to Risky.

soap, an old soldier waiting for an opportunity

soap is the history of competitive League of Legends. Either with Fanatic or origin, marked the history of European league and has represented our region in Worlds on numerous occasions and many of his actions are anchored forever in the memory of fans of esports. If we are forced to admit that the last two experiences of him as a player it went wrong (Misfits Gaming and Immortals), in view of past achievements it is not enough to put everything into question. French veteran announced the start of the transfer window he was looking for a new team after having trained LDC OF for one year. So far, the search seems complicated, since soap still has not signed for a team, or have not even worse, had not a rumor to get into the mouth. Whether in LEC, LFL or Div 2, the mystery remains unsolved. Hopefully for the player, it will be unlocked at the end for him.

Why he does not have equipment? soap now 27 years and we can imagine that this discourages many structures. Moreover, the last time we saw him at the top was in 2018, so he is getting a bit dated.
Why is a recruit quality? his experience, his motivation and weight of it in marketing. If we understand that some teams may have reservations LEC, a team of the LFL would have every interest in betting on it.

Svenskeren, demanding but not particularly attractive

The Danes Jungle recently explained in the networks that had no team to start 2022. Even if Svenskeren is no longer as famous as before, coincidentally is a small earthquake in the competitive scene since all seasons had begun with a Holder position from season 3, either in EU or NA. But after his good years in TSM or Cloud9, it is true that he is losing moment impulse in Evil Geniuses, who despite having important economic resources has not managed to hang a Top 3 and participation in the worlds. At 25, he is no longer very young and nobody in the LCS wanted to offer him an opportunity. While we could have thought of a retreat, the player still seems motivated to find a new challenge, but he still has some requirements.

Why does not he has a team? Svenskeren is again seen in the LCS and many structures prefer to bet by new blood. Also, even if he surely he could have looked for a place in LEC or Era, the Danish announced that he really wanted to play in Na. Therefore, the requirement did not necessarily help him in his research.
Why is it a quality player? The jungle has a lot of experience and can train young players. If it is not as extravagant as before, and we know what to expect from him, a team looking for the midfield to advance his young women would do well to resort to him.

Seizure, the most beloved by the people and the least loved by the teams

The life of a professional player is not a long and quiet river. Seizure He made the Europe apogee with Team Vitality and we remember his wonderful year 2018 with which he competed the World Cup next to the bees. More than the talent of him, the fans also appreciated the personality and endearing character of him. We think that he would become an indisputable heavyweight on stage, but the Italian wanted to go to try his luck in Na. 2 years later, the record is hard: he could not qualify for the World Cup, he added a title to the record of him and was even pushed into the bench on several occasions by GoldenGlue. The last years of him were not really bright, and he today is found without a team. Whether in Na or in the EU, it is possible that he has lost himself the opportunity of him, and we really do not know who could offer him an opportunity.

Why does he have no team? Like many players from this list, Seizure is no longer very young (25 years old) and has already had the opportunity of him several times. But as he himself points, this year the market of Midlands was totally crazy. Several great players stayed on the bench and Seizure is not an isolated case. He is also the third Midland of our catalog.
Why is it a quality recruit? Izuku is not as bright as he used to be, but he is still a solid and experienced player. And when we look at the last split, the statistics of him are far from being ridiculous: 11 games with Lucian with a victory rate of 72.7% and a DA of 4.5. 5 Maps with Rye with a victory rate of 100% and 5.3 DA. 4 games with Twisted Fate with 75% Win rate and 5.5 DA.

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WM PLAY OFFS 2022 Drawing Dates Teams Pots TV

After the qualifying group matches in Europe Twelve teams contest a play-off tournament for the remaining three tickets for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Who is in the play-offs this?

UEFA Qualifiers 2022 - play-offs - draw simulation and predictions

For the play-offs, the ten runners-up and the top two group winners of the UEFA Nations League 2020/21, which in their World Cup qualifying group does not qualify on the first two places have landed.

The play-off participants are: Portugal, Italy, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Poland, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Wales, Turkey, Austria (via Nations League), Czech Republic (over Nations League), which are divided into two Isotope.

Is When the draw for the play-offs?

The draw for the play-offs of European World Cup qualifying takes place on Friday, 26 . November 2021 (17 hours), in Zurich.

As the play-offs take place?

The twelve teams will play-off three-way (A, B and C), each with a semi-final and a final (without games). The winners of these three ways to qualify for the World Cup.

As the draw for the play-offs running?

The six best runners will be placed in Pot 1 and thus have the semi-final venue. The remaining six nations migrate to pot. 2

First, the teams will be in the draw in the pot 1 as home sides the semi-finals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 assigned.

So the first drawn team will host the semi-final number one, which then drawn by the semi-final number two and so on. Just as it goes with the teams from Pot number second

The semi-finals number 1 and 2 belong to the play-off path A, the semi-finals number 3 and 4 for play-off path B and the semi-finals 5 and 6 for play-off path C.

Route A:
Semi-final 1: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2
Semi-final 2: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2
Route B:
Semi-finals 3: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2
Semi-final 4: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2
Route C:
Semifinals 5: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2
Semi-final 6: Team Pot 1 — Team pot 2

Anyone who has home advantage in the three finals, will be determined by lot.

What are the pots in the play-off draw?

Pot 1: Portugal, Scotland, Italy, Russia, Sweden, Wales

Pot 2: Turkey, Poland, northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic

In the semi-final, Portugal and Italy can not meet accordingly. In case of bad draw, but a clash in the final would be possible.

Ukraine and Russia can not be compared to each other thereby solved after a UEFA decision for political reasons.

Where are the play-offs to see live on TV?

DAZN transfers all six semi-finals and the three finals — a total of nine playoff games — live and exclusive.

When did the play-offs?

Play-off semi-finals: Thursday, March 24, 2022
Play-off finals: Tuesday, March 29, 2022
The Match times are estimate after the draw

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All Pokemon Shadow currently in Pokemon Go

Finally, we can fight Team Rocket or Team Rocket Go on our phones as planned. But really, the Rocket Go team is not the best part of the Pokemon Go update. It is their mauve friends at the aura that is important to us.

Serebii Update: Pokemon Go has been added to Pokemon Go Rocket and Shadow. Details in the process of adding @

  • (@serebiinet) July 22, 2019

In short, Pokémon Shadows are small bombs that have probably suffered in the hands of Team Rocket. And we are here to love them and free them from these wicked. After combating Team Rocket Go agents, players can capture the shadow Pokémon used by the agent. Over time, that is, with candies and star dust, players can purify their shadow Pokémon.

Initially, there was not much shadow Pokémon in the game. Niantic increases quantity over time, gradually adding more and more Pokémon to the Rocket theme. SEREBII has a list of Pokémon Shadow available.

All Pokémon Shadow currently in the game:



This list will lie over time, as it has already done through a recent update that adds several others. This page will be updated when others will be added. If your favorite is not in the list, know that it is possible to add them with a future update.

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