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WhatsApp: Voice messages get four new features with update

WhatsApp continues to change. With a new update, four long wishes are received on voice messages.

Germany – WhatsApp is now part of everyday life as for most of us. Forgetting are the times when you still had to pay for an SMS and to reduce torments for long news to get to a certain number of characters. But the messenger is constantly changing. A new update now brings four long-awaited functions.

WhatsApp: Mega update brings four new functions for voice messages

Faster, further, higher – the motto does not only apply to athletes, but apparently also for the makers of WhatsApp. For years, the most popular messenger has been constantly changed and magnificently improved to meet the needs of customers. For example, it was recently introduced that voice messages can be paused and continued. Even playback outside the chat is finally possible. And: Currently, WhatsApp tests so-called Quick-Reactions for messages in accordance with Telegram.

WhatsApp wants to make it easier for its users and users: Meanwhile, Messages even do not even tap more – voice news and dictation function. But that’s not enough: WhatsApp has now announced four new voice messages.

This includes, for example, the already existing way to listen to voice messages before sending them. Unnecessarily sent voice messages, where they do not understand because of loud background noise, then belong to the past (read more service news on messages Faster).

WhatsApp update in voice messages: Waveform diagram and acceleration function introduced

Also new: a visualization of the message as a waveform diagram with level rates. For example, certain places in the message can be easily retrieved.

The always fast-free time WhatsApp also opposes with two other innovations: First, the quick playback of forwarded messages should be introduced. Already now directly sent voice messages can be accelerated in the playback speed by one and a half or twice to save time. Soon the function should therefore come for forwarded messages.

New WhatsApp Update 2022: Meta goes on long-awaited wishes for voice messages

The fourth innovation should also look forward to many WhatsApp users and users: the Messenger service WhatsApp, which was last checked in Puncto Data Protection by Stiftung Warentest, also leads to the new update the possibility, only partially belonged messages just at the Last heard point to hear further when returning to the respective chat. Long searches in the voice news is therefore soon the past.

Some users and users can already look forward to the new features at WhatsApp. When exactly they will be available on all iPhones or Android smartphones, WhatsApp did not participate yet. The introduction of the features achievements “in the next weeks”.

WhatsApp Voice Waveform ???? New Update | WhatsApp Audio Waveform New Feature 2021 | WhatsApp Voice
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Cyberpunk 2077: How to install the PS5

The big update 1.5 for cyberpunk 2077 is here and brings tons of improvements. Including upgrades for the new consoles of Microsoft and Sony. Although the game supports the functions of the dualSense controller on the PS5, while transitioning from PS4, but potentially for headaches. So you can get started without problems on the PS5, we will tell you in this short guide, where you must pay attention to the upgrade of cyberpunk 2077.

How to install the PS5 upgrade from Cyberpunk 2077

It could be so easy – but it is not. While on the Xbox thanks to ‘Smart Delivery’ everything runs automatically, we have to take a detour on the PS5. This is your games library in this case. Now it depends on whether your Cyberpunk 2077 has on the hard drive:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 is not yet installed: If you have the game swept from the hard drive or not installed at all on the PS5, you’re on ‘your collection’. Click here on the symbol of the game, and you can select between the PS4 version and the PS5 version. By the way, Cyberpunk 2077 is only slim 56 GB in Sony’s new console. Following the instructions and get started.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 is installed: If you have already installed the PS4 version of Cyberpunk 2077, you will find the icon under the first tab or possibly also in the home screen. Unfortunately, you have to completely download the title. On the small PS5 icon, you recognize that you have the right version installed.

The advantage of the slightly awkward process is that you do not have to install both versions as some other games.

What the Next-Gen version of CyBerpunk 2077 has to offer everything is in our big review:

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more on the subject

Cyberpunk 2077: Mega Update 1.5 is live and brings free Next-Gen upgrade


And so you transfer the cyberpunk 2077 memory data from the PS4 to the PS5

If your cyberpunk 2077 has already played and you want to take your progress in the upgrade, that’s not quite simple. Similar to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you must first upload the memory file into the cloud. How CD project is known on your support page, but you can only select a game taken over. Not exactly ideal.

If you have the PS5 version installed and Cyberpunk 2077 started, you can suck the score from the cloud here in the menu. The whole works completely independently of PlayStation Plus, so you do not need a subscription. If you play the PS4 version on the PS5, your existing memory states should be automatically detected.

The trailer for Update 1.5 you can see here:

More articles about Cyberpunk 2077:

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Still undecided? Then look at the demo

CD project has probably expected that there will still be skeptical and undecided even after the implementation of the big update. That’s why the studio has published a demo in parallel. On PS5 and Xbox Series X / S you can stripes for free by Night City for a few hours, and if you decide you for a purchase, you can even transfer the score.

Cyberpunk 2077 gets its own PS4 update to problems the disc

The new update 1.5 to Cyberpunk 2077 finally raised the game on the state in which the developer team actually wanted to publish the sci-fi adventure. But where a lot of new content is, there are usually some technical problems.

Many players have probably hit particularly hard, which wanted cyberpunk 2077 to play on their PlayStation. Who owns the disk version of the game, can have problems on PS4 to start the title at all.

Disk version of CyBerpunk 2077 does not start PS4

What is the problem? Since the update 1.5 has been released, the disk version of CyBerpunk 2077 can not be started with some players.

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CD Projekt RED Developer Livestream (Cyberpunk 2077)

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What is done against it? Sony will publish a system update for the PS4 during the day, which should fix the error. The problem seems to be on the console itself. So if you are affected, you do not have to probabilize you too long. The fact that Sony launches a system update for just one game shows clearly how many players seem to be affected.

All contents of Update 1.5 to Cyberpunk 2077 can be found in our disk version summary:

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Cyberpunk 2077: Mega Update 1.5 is live and brings free Next-Gen upgrade


You want more information about Cyberpunk 2077? There are more news here at a glance:

  • Cyberpunk 2077: PS5 version in Tech Check

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Also PS5 version is causing problems

But the disk version is not the only problem child to release update 1.5, because the upgrade to the PS5 version is causing some problems. Many affected reported that a PS5 upgrade was not possible or they could not start the game. It should be blamed, among other things, the region code of the game.

Who manages to start the PS5 version, can look forward to many innovations that summarizes the right trailer:

If you have not been involved in the upgrade to the PS5 version and try to try it yourself, whether the upgrade works smoothly with you, you should read our step-by-step instructions. This can not do anything wrong during installation.

Do you have the same experiences with the disk version of Cybepunk 2077?

WhatsApp Update: Groups

The messaging service WhatsApp currently working on a new update. The innovation will change the group chats massive.

Germany — Whether to communicate with friends, work colleagues or parents of the daycare group: Group chats popular with WhatsApp. The future will probably change in the chat a lot. Because the admins of the groups should get more power, white Whatsapp.

WhatsApp plans major update for Group Chat — Admins get more rights

As the Beta Portal WABetainfo mid-December announced that developers tinker the Messengers currently at a corresponding update for groups. Specifically, it is to the admin of a group so soon be possible to delete incoming messages — and for all group members.

With the update groups Admins therefore receive significantly more rights. Because right now, it is them — as well as the other members — only possible to delete your own messages for all. Foreign news can also group admins so far only in their own view Delete (more news about Digital on Whatsapp).

WhatsApp: Planned innovation makes moderating easier Groups

As explained, the Beta Portal, which deleted the admin messages will in future also marked as such. Instead of the message, users will see a notice: This has been removed by an administrator.

Group Admins will have it easier to moderate a group with the planned innovation, according WABetainfo. Especially with inappropriate or abusive messages that is an advantage.

WhatsApp: group members can not freely determine their messages

On the other hand, the other members lose a group, but also the handling of their own messages. The update is thus likely to encounter a mixed reception among users.

Whatsapp Multi Device Beta Update! Here's How To Use It - WhatsApp Linked Devices
When the function is rolled out, however, is not yet clear. It is therefore most likely take a while to get this kind of intervention to the administrators of WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp recently had surprised with a further update concerning the voice messages. For all users, it is now possible to listen to a voice message before sending it alone. Whatsapp is part of the editorial network

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NEW WORLD Players are angry about the new update

Original text too short.

Recently, Amazon Game Studios Update 1.1.1 had released for the MMO New World. Although it was not a very big patch, but at least had some fixes and optimizations in the luggage. For a better mood within the community, the update is probably not, because it shows anything but enthusiastic.

New World, Update drives players on the barricades

Especially at, the players from New World can currently be over the latest as well as the previous updates of the MMOs. According to the user’s name Thetitanhyperion, the last four patches did not have much more done much more than eliminating bugs that had previously appeared through other updates.

In addition, the developer team had worsened the Grind and the endgame not only harder, but also less rewarding.

There are approvals from many other users. Among other things, they can not understand why developers have carried out very unpopular changes in crafting on the one hand, but at the same time do not get the Dupe problem from New World to the handle.

It was certainly also players who do not face the latest changes so negative and even welcome some of them. Overall, the last updates have not necessarily helped to improve the mood fundamentally.

What does the fans expect soon in New World?

Perhaps Amazon Game Studios has one or the other ace in the sleeve to rouse the rudder in the foreseeable future. In addition to further updates, the developer team is probably planning a large-scale winter event that could soon be started. Concrete details in this regard should not be able to wait a long time.


New World's First Major Update Is A HUGE Problem

From André left
02.12.2021 at 11:45

All Pokemon Shadow currently in Pokemon Go

Finally, we can fight Team Rocket or Team Rocket Go on our phones as planned. But really, the Rocket Go team is not the best part of the Pokemon Go update. It is their mauve friends at the aura that is important to us.

Serebii Update: Pokemon Go has been added to Pokemon Go Rocket and Shadow. Details in the process of adding @

  • (@serebiinet) July 22, 2019

In short, Pokémon Shadows are small bombs that have probably suffered in the hands of Team Rocket. And we are here to love them and free them from these wicked. After combating Team Rocket Go agents, players can capture the shadow Pokémon used by the agent. Over time, that is, with candies and star dust, players can purify their shadow Pokémon.

Initially, there was not much shadow Pokémon in the game. Niantic increases quantity over time, gradually adding more and more Pokémon to the Rocket theme. SEREBII has a list of Pokémon Shadow available.

All Pokémon Shadow currently in the game:



This list will lie over time, as it has already done through a recent update that adds several others. This page will be updated when others will be added. If your favorite is not in the list, know that it is possible to add them with a future update.

PUBG Battlegrounds Update 13 2 introduces new survivor pass and game mode

The latest update for PUBG: Battlegrounds by KRONSON, INC. will be published on September 8 for PC and September 16 for consoles. It introduces the latest survivor’s pass of the game: Crazy Night.

The patch also adds the P90 SMG weapon to the fans popular with the fans and introduces a new vehicle, a new gameplay system, a new weapon and new weather options for the Map Taego, located in South Korea.

Here is the complete overview of Update 13.2:

  • SurvivorPass – Crazy Night: PubG Studios has made further changes to the survivor pass and extended the duration of six to eight weeks. From 8 September to 3 November, players can earn a variety of rewards within 50 levels – including a smuggling goods coupon, a name tag and a spray.
  • New weapon – P90 SMG: AB Update 13.2 If the P90 SMG requested by fans will be available via supply packages on all cards. The P90 is the first SMG in supply packages since the original Tommy Gun and comes with their own, special 5.7 mm high-performance ammunition that makes them effective in fighting on a large distance.
  • Updates for the map Taego: The popular 8 × 8 card with South Korea as a scene will receive a number of adjustments, including:
    • New vehicle – Porter: This Hyundai pick-up truck is only Taego available and can accommodate up to four passengers. The porter replaces the UAZ vehicle on Taego.
    • New function – trunk system: With this function, players can use the trunk of the Porter vehicle to stow a limited number of objects. When destroying the vehicle, all items are lost.
    • New weapon – zone grenade: This throwing weapon creates a round blue zone with a maximum radius of ten meters and causes ten damage points per second. Strategic players can use this as a tool to lure enemies from buildings.
    • New weather options: With the new update, the random weather options Sunset and Cloudy are introduced to Taego, and give the card a unique appearance.
  • Introduction of Casual Mode: For players who are new in pubg or want to warm up in a less tense environment, 13.2 of the Casual Mode is introduced. Players can balance up to three matches on the day at Casual mode alone or with a team and earn XP rewards, BP rewards, passport missions, event missions and more. Casual mode will only be available on an explanation.

Further information about Update 13.2 is available in the full patch notes here. Update 13.2 will be published on September 8 for PC and September 16 for consoles. Players who already want to try Update 13.2 can do this from today on the PC test server.

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