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Is there cross progress in APEX Legends?

APEX Legends is a Battle Royale online game available on several platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Most of the new games that are supported on various game consoles have support for cross-processions. This function allows the players to switch the device on which they play, while maintaining unlocked items and progress from their current game account.

Does the APEX Legends Cross-Progress support?


No, there is no cross-processing in Apex Legends. . As expected, the players have long been disappointed with the lack of this function, since they cannot play the game on several devices with the same account. Over the past years, some of the developers recognized the lack of cross-processing in Apex Legends and assured the players that this function would be added to the game, but they have not yet been added.

There were rumors that this function should have been added in the 13th season., But we have not yet received official confirmation on this subject. Moreover, it was assumed that a cross-processing update would allow players to use only one of their accounts on different devices instead of allowing them to combine several APEX Legend accounts.

Will Apex Legends ever implement a cross-processing function?

At the moment, it is impossible to say whether the cross-processing will appear in the APEX Legends. Nevertheless, we hope that it will be implemented no later than the end of 2023, if the developer really plans to add it at all.

Stay with us in the guidelines for games for professionals to learn more about the content of APEX Legends. In the meantime, read our article about the event of the APEX Legends Gaiden-the start and end dates, awards and much more.

extremely pleased Stream: Barn Finders from 11:45 a.m. on Twitch

From 11:45 a.m. you can check out the extremely pleased Live Stream Barn Finders and extra on the Xbox Series X. We would be extremely pleased if you would certainly switch on as well as welcome us to conversation. Quickly it will certainly start!


Here you can see what is on the program today:

Click right here for the stream:.

  • 20.06.2022-11:45 a.m.-Barn Finders-Xbox Collection X.
  • pleased.

We would be very satisfied if you turn on again today and also share this stream with your friends and groups.

  1. extremely pleased comply with on Twitch: So that you do not miss any kind of streams, we currently recommend that you comply with the extremely pleased channel on Twitch here and to turn on the notices.
  2. extremely pleased stream strategy: Which streams are previously planned, you will certainly constantly find on Mondays in the extremely pleased Twitch timetable for the new week, where you can additionally establish a memory.
  3. extremely pleased Banner: You can likewise follow the extremely pleased banners on Twitter: Xmufl & Thoridias83.

It is rumored that Gears of War Remastered Collection will launch this year

A new rumor has suggested that Xbox could launch a new remastered package containing many Gears of War games of the past. This rumor is one that we really listen to in early 2022, but since then, no new information related to the collection has been disclosed. Now, it seems that Xbox could be on the verge of revealing this Gears of War package with the intention of throwing this fall.

The news of this possible Reaster of Gears of War comes from Nick Baker, who has been a reliable source of information (particularly with Xbox) in the past. In the last episode of the Xboxera podcast, Baker declared that he “believes” that this remastered collection of Gears of War will later launch this autumn. He also believes that the announcement of this remastering could occur in Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, which is scheduled for a little less than a month, on June 12.

Xbox Keeps On Rolling - Gears Of War Collection LEAKS, Halo Infinite Important Update, & MORE!
As for what this collection would really contain, well, that’s what remains to be seen. Baker himself has compared this remastering with halo: the collection of the master chief, which means that practically all the titles of Gears of War of the Xbox 360 era could be included here. Specifically, this would meanwarfalls_,War drafts 2_,warfalls 3_ andtrial drafts the war_.

It is worth emphasizing that, since it is a rumor, you must take everything exposed here with tweezers. As mentioned, Baker has been a solid source of information in the past on topics like this, but even he has openly affirmed that a remastering of Gears of War will arrive with certainty. As such, until Xbox makes this announcement official, I do not make illusions too high.

Would you be interested in visiting the Gears of War series at the end of this year if a remastered collection was finally launched? Share your own thoughts with me on this matter, either in comments or on Twitter at @Mooreman12.

CALL OF DUTY WARZONE Disclave all the novelties of the seKing Kongon 3

Call of Duty: Warzone and Vanguard confirm the contents that will arrive during seKing Kongon 3, secret weapons . The thematic frame will begin next April 27 in PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. A few weeks later, on May 11, the Operation Monarch event will be held, where King Kong and Godzilla will fight in the heart of Caldera. We tell you the most prominent elements for Battle Royale below.

SeKing Kongon 3 in Cod Warzone: The highlight

King Kong usual since the arrival of Caldera, players will notice new locations, such King Kong Dig Site . This excavation area shows huge skeletons of unknown animals, which serve King Kong coverage around a giant crane. It is located between the mine and the ruins, and it will be a specially relevant area in the search for equipment. In addition, three known points of interest will be updated: Runway, Peak and Lagoon. The minKing Kong under the boiler will be the scene of the new Gulag.

How to Find ANY Bundle in the Call of Duty Store | Best Warzone Skins

Four new weapons will arrive throughout the seKing Kongon. From the first day we will see the two included in the battle pKing Kongs. The first is the explorer rifle M1916 , which the study points out King Kong “the favorite for operators who prefer long-distance combat”. The second is about the King Kongsault rifle Nikita AVT , which in Vanguard will be the gun with the greatest cadence of its group. Later, the deck, body to body will come, and the H4 Blixen light machine gun.

Mateo Hernández will be the operator included in the battle pKing Kongs. King Kong part of the seKing Kongon reinforcements Iran arriving Florence Carter and Mysterious Kim Tae Young . All these content will mark a small update in the size of the game in console. From the editor they emphKing Kongize that the download of Warzone and Modern Warfare will be a little larger than usual, but that once the optimizations are reduced will be reduced. The PC version is outside this change in size.

In what order to play Tomb Raider?: List with all the games of the SagGame Boy de Lara Croft

Tomb Raider wGame Boy born to virtually since its inception Game Boy a icon of video game culture , transferring even the means to starred at series, movies, video clips, merchandise, comics and more. And with the aim of revolutionizing the adventures of action and three-dimensional platforms, Core Design and Eidos Interactive completed in 1996 a first installment that became authentic reference of the genre. The franchise started with the clGame Boysic Tomb Raider to give way to a good handful of sequelae that kept the puzzles and platforms Game Boy a central axis of their adventures. From there, numerous deliveries occurred in the most various platforms, giving rise to three video game sagGame Boy of Lara Croft which we detail with the titles at Order to play from Tomb Raider :

Chronological Order The SagGame Boy de Tomb Raider

To play all Tomb Raider titles you have to keep in mind that you currently exist Three SagGame Boy de Protagonized by Lara Croft Let’s show you below with the list of all the titles in order to know its history from beginning to end:

Order of the Tomb Raider ClGame Boysic Saga

  1. Tomb Raider (1996): PlayStation, Game Boy Color, PC and Saturn
  2. Tomb Raider: The CURSE OF THE SWORD (2001): Game Boy Color
  3. Tomb Raider II (1997): PC and PlayStation
  4. Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft (1998): PC and PlayStation
  5. Tomb Raider III: The Lost Artifact (2000): PC, PlayStation and PlayStation 2
  6. Tomb Raider: The LGame Boyt Revelation (1999): PC, PlayStation 2 and DreamcGame Boyt
  7. Tomb Raider: Chronicles (2000): PC, PlayStation 2 and DreamcGame Boyt
  8. Tomb Raider: Angel of darkness (2003): PC and PlayStation 2
  9. Tomb Raider: The Prophercy (2002): Game Boy Advance

Tomb Raider Games in Order (New Tomb Raider Trilogy)

Order of the Legend Saga by Tomb Raider

After a remarkable wear of the brand, its managers decided to reset the franchise with a Remake of the original and giving Lara Croft a new origin and personality . They even threw two spin-off of double stick shooter style.

  1. Tomb Raider Anniversary (2007): PC, PLAYSTATION 2, PLAYSTATION 3, PSP, XBOX 360 and Wii
  2. Tomb Raider Legend (2006): PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360, GameCube, Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance
  3. Tomb Raider Underworld (2008): PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii and Nintendo DS
  4. Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light (2010): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Switch, Stadia, iOS and Android
  5. Lara Croft and The Temple of Osiris (2014): PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Switch and Stadia

Order of the Tomb Raider Reboot Saga

Again before the exhaustion of the formula of recent years, Crystal Dynamics bet on a new reboot , this time, with a more humane Lara Croft than ever through a personal discovery trip that would make it an authentic survivor.

  1. Tomb Raider (2013): PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Stadia
  2. Rise of the Tomb Raider (2015): PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia
  3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider (2018): PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Stadia

In addition to the order to play all the games of the saga we offer another listing with the top of the Tomb Raider games and our order by note with All Lara Croft games .

Minecraft update accidentally referred to a long-awaited function

Xbox Insiders recently received an Minecraft Update as part of the new Minecraft Preview test program with a new feature insinuated within that update. Reference was made to the ray trace, a function that is available in the PC version of the game and that the people of other platforms have been asking for a long time. That, of course, led people to believe that the ray tracing would actually reach the Xbox systems and perhaps other places, but the Minecraft the team clarified those speculations this week when confirming that there are no “near future plans” for The rays trace in the consoles.

The Minecraft Preview update in question came out earlier this week, but if you did not get it when it was available, it does not make sense to review it now for the ray plot now that the references to the graphics function have been eliminated. The Officer Minecraft The Twitter account confirmed this week by recognizing the error in the Minecraft Preview update launched for Xbox Insiders and said that “without realizing it included a prototype code for standing rays support in the Xbox consoles.” For those who thought that this meant that the function was on the way soon, they will have to continue waiting, since Mojang said that the accidental inclusion of this function “does not indicate close-up plans to provide rays standing support to consoles.”

It is worth noting that the previous statement does not say that the ray trace will never reach the consoles, it only says that the accident in the update is not an indication that the function is part of the “near future plans” of Mojang. Then, those in the consoles can still expect the function in the future, but apparently not at this time.

Microsoft and the Minecraft The team has certainly spoken about the ray trace in relation to the Xbox consoles and the PC platform in the past before the function will be enabled in the latter for those with PCs that admit it. In March 2020, when it was still talked about Xbox Series X before its launch, an article on the Xbox cable showed the potential impact of the ray trace in Minecraft. A month later, in April 2020, Microsoft invited people to try the rays tracing on Windows 10 systems.

Minecraft Bedrock Raytracing Finally CONFIRMED BY MOJANG | How To Get It Early

The ray trace can still reach minecraft in consoles in the future, but it is probably better to expect things like the new biome and mobs, for now.

Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, Quest

Last night on March 17, 2022, Patch 1.0.3 has appeared for Elden Ring, on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Steam. The size of the download is 1.6 GB. The new update brings fine grinding, improved balance, a new NPC, fresh quest phases and a lot more.

Highlights of patch 1.0.3 for elden ring

Table of contents

  1. Page 1elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3: New NPC, Quest Phases, Bugfixes
  2. Page 2elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 – Patch Notes
    3rd page 3 picture gallery for “Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, quest phases,…

First, let’s look at some highlight innovations from Patch 1.0.3 for Elden Ring:

  • If you meet a NPC in a game world, you can now immortalize its location with an icon and name on the card.
  • With Jar-Bairn, a new NPC was added.
  • For the NPCs Diallo, Nepheli Loux, Kenneth Haight and Gatekeeper Gostoc there are new quest phases.
  • There are now the opportunity to summon a helpful NPC in various situations.
  • For the Imitatortränenasche there is now an increased number of object patterns that can be imitated.
  • In some areas of the open world, a new background music awaits you at night.
  • Some opponents Droppen blacksmiths now with an elevated chance, and you can get in the game forged in the game for desire to dealership.
  • The effectiveness of shields has been increased.

  • The damage of the effects of the sword of the night and the flame has been reduced.
  • The damage of the host of the imitator tranene ash was reduced.
  • The damage of the likewise very strong weapons effect rausiffstemfer was reduced, it also takes longer to activate the effect.

Jar-Bairn NEW NPC and Quest Start Location (Jarburg) - Elden Ring Patch 1.03

Apparently, the developers of Elden Ring have our guide with these tips also play Souls newcomers Elden Ring simply read through and now diverse guides strategies attenuated. Whether imitator tranene ash, sword of the night and the flame or rausaturstampfer are still playable, the practical test must show. On the following page you will find all patch notes to Elden Ring Update 1.0.3.

Page 1 Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3: New NPC, Quest Phases, Bugfixes

Page 2 Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 – Patch Notes

Page 3 picture gallery to Elden Ring: Patch 1.0.3 brings new NPC, quest phases, bugfixes and more

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Elden ring exposes launch

The launch of Elden Ring is in front of the door and also currently we likewise recognize when you can use the day of magazine.

Elden Ring is available from February 25 on Heavy Steam, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series X | S as well as the community is quite great from the cottage prior to expectancy.

Now Publisher Bandai Namco as well as Developers from Software program have betrayed the specific beginning times concerning the official Twitter account and when they can notice Friday.

ELDEN RING – Overview Trailer

Elden Ring starts on Heavy steam earlier than in the neighborhood surveys – consoles allowed

At Elden Ring you can currently start at midday. Xbox and also PlayStation gamers are most likely to begin from 0:00, that has to do with 12 hrs previously.

These are the times with us in Germany: While Xbox as well as PlayStation gamers are permitted to begin previously, there are a decrease for computer gamers nevertheless.

  • Console Launch: 25.02. – 0:00
  • Steam Release: 25.02. – 12 o’clock

Since aside from many followers believed, the game starts at Vapor currently at 12 o’clock. Because the usually is the time when Vapor updates his store, lots of speculating at 19 o’clock.

Below you see the local times of different time areas:

Of all candidates, 2 figures found several followers in the form of beggar and also prisoners. The last, nonetheless, looked after Fruntrunzeln particularly in Neullingen, due to the fact that he is virtually nude, but so flexible, like nothing else class.

Is there a preload? Yes, there is. While you can currently download and install to Xbox, Computer as well as PlayStation players still require to be patient. What else is going to release? Nonetheless, the lately disclosed system needs made in the area for uneasyness.

Is there a preload? Yes, there is.

What else is going to release? Nonetheless, the lately revealed system demands made in the area for uneasyness. These are surprisingly high particularly at the memory.

Currently, the anticipation is big most importantly. The subreddit of Elden Ring merges only with different memes, supposition and also discussions around possible content of the video game.

This was because of the minor visuals differences to other from software program video games such as Sekiro or Dark Hearts 3 to a warmed discussion.

Or else, the manufacturers in the last couple of days revealed the 10 classes of Elden Ring, to which we additionally began a survey: Which will you start?

If you are still unsure if the video game is something for you, take a look at our brief check to Elden Ring – for who is the action-rpg beneficial?

Reggie Fils Aim confesses to have bought the original Xbox instead of a GameCube Nintendo

It would be common to think that However, and surprising all the guests during an Xbox commemorative event Because of its 20th anniversary, Filename confessed not only to have obtained the Xbox before a Gamete, but this console was the last of the three He added to his collection.

I was thinking about a Gamete, but I did not buy it until I started in Nintendo Reggie Filename it happened during the moment when Robbie Bach, an expression of the Entertainment Division and Microsoft Devices, asked The other guests who shared their favorite moments with Xbox. When the first Xbox came out, I was not in the industry, so it was a consumer, said the president of Nintendo.

I was the typical consumer that already had a PS2 at home, Filename continued. I had the Nintendo 64, and I was thinking about a Game cube, but I did not buy it until I started working on Nintendo.

The other guests at the Xbox event were surprised and laughed after listening to this confession. The president of Nintendo continued giving details, mentioning that his son of him of him, who was a player at the time, was the one who proposed to set his eyes on Xbox, especially for the interest in a title called Halo. That was the experience that the Xbox went to my home, with that gigantic control.

Former Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aimé says the gaming industry is better because of Xbox

Reggie Filename began working in Nintendo in the year 2003, and was not up to 2019 when he left the company. However, as this event confirms, the presence of it continues to give a lot to talk about in the industry. In fact, he is preparing a book about advice to achieve success, himself that he will include several anecdotes on him in Nintendo, and his publication is planned in May 2022.

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